RIP... Stan Musial and Earl Weaver
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Thread: RIP... Stan Musial and Earl Weaver

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    Default RIP... Stan Musial and Earl Weaver

    Two Hall of Famers on the same day... They were from a different era and will be missed.
    Bill Davis

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    Old school! When the game was played the way it was ment to be played! R.I.P Stan and Earl give em' hell on The Field of Dreams!
    "Feetdown Beatdown Razr's Edge"

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    A sad day for baseball. RIP to two fine individuals.
    That's my boy "Blue"!!!! Flyin High in the Passenger Side x Katie May of Belgrade

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    I was lucky to see Stan play in his latter years. He was such a quiet player, as a kid, I would have overlooked him had it not been for that funny stance of his. Enos was more flamboinant. Red of course had that red hair. Later when I was older and they had that statue in front of Bush Stadium, it reminded me of what I was priviledged to see, that quiet approach that always seemed to deliver with such a casual and efficient way.

    What a credit to the game. I was so lucky.

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    Stan "The Man" Musial.
    My sports hero, and a role model for anyone.
    I met Stan.
    He is my friend.
    I have stories about him it's doubtful you'd believe.

    But they are my memories, and over the years they may have grown and become closer to my heart.
    But HE is "The Man," and no one else will ever come close.

    He was one of the nicest people I have ever met in my life.
    I am doubtful Stan would have remembered those warm summer days at the "Knot-Hole-Gangs" area of Sportsman's park in St Louis in the late 50's and early 60's, but I do, and he would have acted like he remembered those days and me.
    He treated every kid and the game with the kindness respect both deserved.

    He always spent time talking to us kids as we watched in amazement at our heros gliding across the emerald carpet beneath the sun and stars.
    Always asking about our team or how was our hitting.
    Always encouraged us to keep trying, "maybe some day you'll be a Cardinal."
    The ultimate to any kid from St Louis.
    He once asked me who my favorite player was and as I played 3rd base I said Kenny Boyer.
    Immediately, without any hesitation he shouted "hey Kenny, come over here and meet my buddy!"
    Boyer bounced over and shook my hand and said "how ya' doin' kid!"
    (today you would get cursed at)
    They just don't come any better!

    Stan Musial: An American Life

    Alas, Stan, you were, are and always will be my favorite!!!!

    Stan B
    Stan b & Elvis

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