You name that dog what!!?
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Thread: You name that dog what!!?

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    Default You name that dog what!!?

    I'm sure I'm not the only one with a story like this sold the only chocolate from my FCAFC roux litter to a friend of mine and he names it: It's very Risky to own a Chocolate! Call name Risky . This after I thought we had an agreement he was going to name it whiskey, or whAt I'll be sipping when she's either kicking buttocks or worrying me to the point of drinking . Anyone else out there with fun dog nAmes?
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    Ok, I'll play. One of my labs name is Qazi. He is from New Zealand and was raised to be a guide dog for blind, but didn't make it. Great dog, lot of heart! These dogs are named according to their birth order and he was in the "Q" litter. Not a lot of choice there. Oz
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    My dog is named High Times Dutchman's CopperCooper

    High Times: Breeder's kennel name
    Dutchman's: All my dogs will carry that name. It's kind of my "kennel name" except that I don't breed dogs or have a kennel.
    Copper: Breeder's husband was a retired police officer named Mike (see below) and passed away from cancer while the dam was pregnant.
    Cooper: I just liked this call name.

    Litter mate to my dog is named High Times Applejack (their "kennel name" just like mine) Mike. His call name is "Copper". Pretty cool names, in my opinion!
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    When I got my first Chesapeake, My Grand daughter wanted to name him so he became Grandpa's Shot of Brandy which I thought was very original. Clay
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    i have a 15 mo chocolate registered name is yellowbanks early morning woody. when he titled in jr last fall the woman handing out ribbons got to the name and just cracked up and couldn't get the name out.

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    When I was about 10 or so, Dad and I went to pick up his newest pup. Dad was flying high at anticipation and was in a stellar mood. On the way home he let me get my first Big Mac. Man was I in heaven, sitting in the back seat of the Ram Charger with a new pup and my Big Mac. That lasted until I got my sandwhich out -- Sasseville Mac Attack.

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    One of my previous lab's before I knew there was more to training then throwing empty shotgun shells ...his call name was Chub's ,but his AKC papers read - White's Chubby.

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    Click Click Boom
    call name RayRay
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    Call name is Pippa. Named after Pippa Middleton because she had the cutest butt in the litter.

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    My dog's call name is Puck. I have had a few judges ask me "what did you just say?" after releasing him for a mark. During training, his call name sometimes changes to Puckhead or Pucker.

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