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View Poll Results: If this were your male dog, would you breed him to this female?

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    17 44.74%
  • No

    10 26.32%
  • Maybe (it depends)

    11 28.95%
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Thread: POLL - Would you or would you not?

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    Jan 2003
    N.E.corner of WA state

    Default POLL - Would you or would you not?

    Hypothetical case (kinda):

    You have a male dog with a top notch HT title (MH or HRCH or MHR). He has 5 FT or HT titled dogs in the first two generations of his ancestors, and a large number of titled dogs in the rest of the pedigree.
    His hips are OFA "good", elbows are "normal", CERF is "clear".

    A fella calls you up, wanting to know if you would use your dog as a stud for his female. His dog has no titles, and is a housepet. She has 3 FT or HT titled dogs in her first two generations of ancestors, she also has quite a few titled dogs in the rest of her pedigree. . Her hips are OFA "excellent", elbows are "normal", CERF is "clear" and she is negative for brucellosis.

    There is currently a glut of Labrador puppies on the market, and the price is low -- However, both of these dogs point, and there is a waiting list for PL puppies. In the part of the country where these puppies would be born, they would probably sell for $600 or more.

    If this were your male dog, would you breed him to this female?

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    Senior Member Chris Kingrea's Avatar
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    Jan 2003
    Kemah, TX


    Maybe, for Pointing ability only. How many PLs are around anyway ???

    If I wanted a Lab that didn't point, then no.

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    Junior Member wallyk's Avatar
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    Nov 2003


    Would I? NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

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    Yeah why Not......

    Chris K ............How about that Roger Clemens!!! 8-0!! Cy-Young Maybe???

    I must confess being a Mets Fan I also love the Stros.......Did you know Jeff Kent is a Big time hunter......Biggio Having a great year to.....But the hefty Lefty Berkman is da MAN!

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    Senior Member Chris Kingrea's Avatar
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    Jan 2003
    Kemah, TX


    Hate to GDG the man's thread up, but baseball and the Astros will get me talking.

    D@mn straight Cy Young ! IF he keeps chunking freakin' BBs up there like he has the rest of the way out. His Momma fed him Rubber bands for breakfast. Arm won't quit. And yep, Hefty Lefty got a stick that won't quit too. Home grown untouchable Franchise player. 8)

    Do or die this year, against THE toughest division. They'll be there .... and so will I. 8)

    Thinking if we still had the Kid....... mmmmmm .... lights out in 7, 8, and 9th. Dotel better keep steppin'.

    Mets AND Stros fan, huh ? You must be too young then to remember '86 and Mookey Wilson. I'm no old-timer either, but remember skipping school to watch every game. 8)

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    Jan 2003
    Waco, TX


    I woulda bred my dog to a Afghan Hound if i could have found a taker before i cut him! hahaha (i'm so not kidding, i wanted him to get some)

    How much is he willing to pay for a stud fee? IF your wanting to know what your male throws... this may be the best way to find out.

    A few force fetch sessions would fix that pointin crapola!!! HAHAHA


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    Senior Member Ken Newcomb's Avatar
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    Apr 2003
    Norfolk, Nebraska


    Why not?

    You have to look at things a bit differently. The dog clears all the health issues. The dog is going to be bred regardless. So, if you do breed you probably at least keep the puppies coming from healthy parents. If you don't and she ends up bred to an "unhealthy" dog then you did more damage then you did good.

    The pointing part and the value of the pups has no baring.
    Some people dream of success, while others wake up and work hard for it.

    "Five in the hole is better then 250 circling overhead." - Jase Robertson

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    Senior Member ErinsEdge's Avatar
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    Feb 2003
    SE Wisconsin


    Is the dog JUST a housepet or is the dog an accomplished hunting dog that points? That would be the difference.
    Nancy P

    "We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare. And in return, dogs give us their all. It's the best deal man has ever made." M.Facklam

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    May 2004
    Knoxville, TN


    Yes...if you don't someone else will...and....at least from your side it's a quality animal. If there's going to pups anyway, at least you can improve the overall gene pool.

    It's easy to get tunnel vision with FT or HT labs. There is another world that may not give a flip about the 'games'..doesn't mean either side is wrong, that's just the way it is.

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    Mar 2003
    Deville, La.

    Default Would you breed these dogs?

    Doc, twelve years ago this happened to me and the only difference was there was no pointing instinct involved. I had a well bred male heavy in FT blood and who was a fourth generation hunt test bred. The female was all FT blood with several NFCs in the line. She was a couch potato. When the owner called I would not talk to him and my wife did and then convinced me to talk to the owner. Glad I did for I would have missed a very good breeding. Pups were great and several turned out to be very good hunt test dogs as well as very good hunting dogs. I did require the owner to register his dog with UKC so that we would have dual registered pups and we also co-op an ad in the Hunting Retriever magazine to sell the pups and he cooperated in seeing that the pups were placed properly.

    The crux of the matter was that I could not get him to repeat the breeding once he experienced the work that goes in to breeding, raising, and the selling of the pups.

    Bob Region
    Do for others with no desire of returned favors. We all should plant some trees we'll never sit under.

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