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Thread: Best place for online shotgun shells?? I'm in a pinch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by P J View Post
    Try MidwayUSA, everyone is getting short on supply due to our current government actions.
    Tell me about it - I did not realize we were low until we went shooting this past weekend...amazing how quickly you can go through practice rounds, those poor paper plates!
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    Quote Originally Posted by FOM View Post
    So now that HuntinDawg's question has been answered...I can hijack his thread Anyone got a good source for bulk ammo for handguns and rifles (9mm, 30-06, 38 special, etc...) besides Cabela's and Bass Pro


    Brownells sells ammo now. And Cheaper than Dirt is usually a good spot.
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    Back to the original question. Re Macks...I wouldn't hold my breath on getting that backordered case of shells any time soon. I ordered a case of Hevi shot 20 guage for ducks on November 15th, 2012...still season closes this sunday. I wouldn't mind if they didn't keep stringing me along with emails promising that my order would be shipped very soon.

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    Try Mack's PW - I ordered shotgun ammo for the club today and they had a few choices in stock, compared to Cheaper-than-dirt and Graf & sons, who had a lot of 'limited supply' and 'out of stock' next to items.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Golddogs View Post
    Brownells sells ammo now. And Cheaper than Dirt is usually a good spot.
    You must not have shopped there recently during the AR craze....their pricing on things related to AR's were bordering on the absurd to the ridiculous...they were anything but cheaper than dirt
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    Rogers Sporting Goods, best I have used to date.

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    I know the OP's question has been asked and answered but anyone else may want to give these folks a go

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    I order reloading supplies/components from these guys.
    Fast service, nice folks.

    They have a full line of ammo, but I havent purchased factory ammo in years.
    Do you have to pay Hazmat fee for ammo, when having it shipped?


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    We order everything from the company that sells our club clay targets. Components, ammo, etc. Try something similar.

    Also call the club/preserve running the shoot. The preserve where I work my dog at shoots has tons of ammo and it is reasonable.

    And it is not a bad idea to get as much ammo as you can, all things considered.
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