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Thread: Golden Retriever Lifetime Study---Health Information

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    Default Golden Retriever Lifetime Study---Health Information

    I have been asked to post this information about the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study being conducted by the Morris Animal Foundation. It was discussed at the National Open meeting as well. This should benefit all breeds. I hope you will read it, pass it on to any chat rooms to which you belong and give the information your attention. Thank you.


    You've probably read about the new, groundbreaking research project being conducted by the Morris Animal Foundation to identify genetic, nutritional, and environmental risk factors for cancer and other canine diseases. There is an ad on the side front cover the inside front cover of the Nov/Dec 2012 GRNews.

    This study, known as the "Golden Retriever Lifetime Study," is enrolling 3,000 Goldens between 6 months and 2 years of age in the lower 48 states, in the largest and longest study ever conducted to advance veterinary medicine for dogs. While a study of this magnitude has never been done before in dogs, similar studies in humans, such as the Framingham Heart Study and the Nurses’ Health Study, have contributed a wealth of information that is improving and extending lives every day. These observational studies have provided invaluable information about human health, and we are incredibly excited that Morris chose our breed for this groundbreaking study in dogs. By gathering non-invasive samples and observational data over the lifetime of enrolled dogs, researchers hope to identify potentially modifiable risk factors for the development of cancer and other diseases that affect Goldens.

    As a breeder, you have a special role to play in the success of this study. Because this study will gather genetic, environmental, and nutritional information, it will be valuable to include multiple puppies from the same genetic lines. Although all enrollees are important to the study, data from littermates that experience different environmental factors and diets during their lifetimes may provide unique scientific insights that could make a significant impact on the long-term health of Golden Retrievers.

    We invite you to include a Puppy Buyer Letter ( and study brochure in all of your puppy packets. Brochures are available from Morris Animal Foundation by calling 855.447.3647. In addition, you can email a copy of the Puppy Buyer Letter to previous buyers whose dogs are under 2 years of age to encourage them to enroll their dogs in the study.

    If you would like to send the information from this message to a breeder friend, you can download a ready letter to breeders from the GRCA website at and send it as an attachment to an email message. You can also download and attach the Puppy Buyer Letter above for them to include in their puppy packets.

    Finally, we ask that you consider enrolling your own dogs in the study. Please note that it is important for dogs to remain in the study throughout their lives, even if they change ownership. Therefore, if you decide to place an enrolled dog in the future, we request that you ask the new owner to continue the commitment by keeping their new dog in the study.

    Please visit to register and learn more. Thank you so very much for your passion and dedication to improving the future of the breed we love!

    Bev Brown
    GRF Publicity Coordinator for the
    Golden Retriever Lifetime Study

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    Hi Bev tried to register in Canine life time Health section but unfortunately it is only set up for American residents
    I was going to recomend this to the people that I have sold pups to but not much point if they only Take residents of the USA

    Dave Beacock

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