Northern Utah FT Results
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Thread: Northern Utah FT Results

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    Senior Member Ted Shih's Avatar
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    Jan 2003
    Golden, Colorado

    Default Northern Utah FT Results


    1. Kaycreeks PDQ Ken Payne completes AFC
    2. FC Grey Dawn?s Sumac Bill Totten
    3. River Watch?s Ballistic Kate Jeff Weber
    4. Perpetual Dizzy Daisy Kenny Trott
    RJ Catalina?s Blue Bell Kenny Trott
    J AFC Sky Hy Husker Power Ted Shih
    J Max Daddy?s Delta Force Bill Schrader
    J Third Creek?s Delta Dawn Paul Knutson
    J AFC Accumarks Blazing Striker Paul Knutson

    1) UFO Wayne Blezzard, completes AFC
    2) Hasty Pudding?s Chevy Chase Tom Vaughn, completes AFC
    3) Madam Berte Ron Kiehn
    4) Ostler?s Buddy Mike Ostler
    RJ FC/AFC Rudyduck?s Valentine Mike Nelson
    J AFC Freeridin Wowie Zowie Ted Shih
    J Third Creeks Delta Dawn Larry Morgan
    J AFC Kaycreeks PDQ Ken Payne

    1) Freeridin Smooth Operator Ted Shih
    2) Mad River?s O? Lucky Mike Cicero
    3) Papa?s Grace Under Pressure Justin Thompson
    4) Samantha Blue Duck Bert Huth
    RJ Miss Diamond Lil Mike Cicero
    J Sanpitch River Rocksann Russell Peterson
    J Jazztime?s Women Trapper Tony Bickmore
    J Steel Shoot Rocket Explosion Justin Askerlund

    Off to Batavia!

    Moots has run 6 derbies. Finished all six. One first, two fourths, and three Jams.

    Now it's - hopefully - Ace's turn to shine.


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    Oct 2003

    Default Utah Results


    2) Hasty Pudding?s Chevy Chase Tom Vaughn

    On to BATAVIA ??? !!!

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    Member Biesemeiers's Avatar
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    May 2003


    Congrats Ted on Moots' first place. Good luck in Batavia!

    2) Mad River?s O? Lucky Mike Cicero

    Congrats to the number 2 derby dog too as this is our dog J-Lo's brother!! Wish we could have run this weekend.


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    Senior Member Brian Cockfield's Avatar
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    Jun 2003
    South Carolina


    Congrats Ted, Good luck at the Nat. Am.
    "People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."--George Orwell.

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    Senior Member Howard N's Avatar
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    Jan 2003
    Anchorage, AK


    Off to Batavia!
    Go Ted GO :multi:

    Good on Moots too.
    Howard Niemi

    You really gotta be careful about how high a pedestal you put your method, your accomplishments, your dog on. There's usually someone who's done more, somewhere. And they may have used a different method than you did! Chris Atkinson 2013

    get your dog out and TRAIN! caryalsobrook 2013

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    Senior Member Polock's Avatar
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    Jan 2003


    Ted, way to go with Moots, wish ya all the luck when ya get here in Upstate NY, probably see ya there...................
    See Yunz later,
    Dan Kotarski
    Cut-N-Shoot Retrievers

    BABY STEPS, Baby Steps, baby steps.........Repetition..Consistency..Focus
    TEACH and BUILD! Then BUILD on what ya TEACH!

    "Where The Hell Is Bedias, TX?"

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