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Not has a t at the end of the word.

Thank Pres Reagan for making this problem as big as it is. Had he not declared Amnesty for 12 million illegals we would have had the flood of another 12plus million.
I used to attend our Distict R meetings with a "Jane Was Right" button. Rather than explain that to you I will see what a person as well versed as yourself politically can come up with .

& someone as sloppy as yourself when posting should not go out of their way to pick fights. FYI, there is a major difference between sloppy & stupid .

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At first I thought he was trying to mimic a migrant farm worker.
I have great respect for the migrant farm Worker, with emphasis on worker. There are folks in Seattle from Somalia, 2nd generation that still try to cook over an open fire inside their free housing in the high rent district. Apparently Seattle's lefty's, more numerous & less industrious than a colony of ants, need someone to feel superior to. The lefty's consider themselves Libertarian also .