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Thread: Need some Ideas for the Mule

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    Default Need some Ideas for the Mule

    I sold my quad and bought this off my Parents. Those of you that have a UTV how did you set it up for gear? like wingers etc? Im thinking of putting them on the back of the cage but I would like to see what others may have done..Thank you!

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    Ray and Ely Muth had an old Mule at their place in Dixie, Ga. He removed the two black plastic caps back by the tailgate and then fabricated a "winger" that fit into the 3/4 inch square holes that the caps covered. He could just drive and do walking singles, use it at a bird station or at the line to throw one over your head. He had a nice rack built on to too, but I didn't get a good look at it. Not to tough to figure that out though.

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    We really get a lot of use out of our similar vehicle. For training we just pile stuff in and head out. We've had kennels in the bed, buckets help keep us organized and remove easily, bird crates, wingers, etc. To this point we haven't built anything permanent in the bed but curious to see what others have going.

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