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Thread: Fear of Gun Control

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    Gun shops in No. Calif. are doing a land office business on guns and ammo. About 3 weeks ago my husband stood in line almost 2 hrs. only to learn the gun he wanted to buy was on back order (S & W 38); the shop hoped they might get some in 4 or 5 months. In all, he visited 4 different gun shops. All sold out of S & W and no idea when they might get in their back orders. He decided on a different hand gun. He bought some ammo and waited his 10 days for his background check clearance. Called the store back to buy more ammo. Sorry, we are out indefinitely. He called a lot of stores and finally found one who had some ammo for his new hand gun. He drove 2 hrs. to get to that store.

    Our son in law who lives in the Sacramento area had more gun shops and big sporting goods stores to choose from. He bought his S & W in November and bought ammo for it. He decided he better get more to stock up. Sorry. Sold out. He called a lot of stores and it was the same story. Back order on ammo.

    One of the retriever clubs I belong to needed to buy a new 12 gauge shotgun to use as a popper gun. The club member who bought it last month had to pay an extra $25 for a background check.

    Our club buys its shells in bulk from a large out of state ammo manufacturer. I am thinking it won't be long before the feds pass a law against purchasing ammo out of state. No doubt California will be the first state to support such a law so they can get additional sales tax. No doubt California will be the first state to require paying a $25 fee for a background check to buy ammo -- any ammo, including shotgun shells. I really think that is coming.

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    Seeing the same thing in the state just north of your Aaron. Gun cases are bare. Nothing on the shelfs for the majority of handgun ammo or .223. When it does come in everything goes out of stock again within 4-hours. The lady at the cash register earlier this week said ammo boxes are still cold to the touch as they are leaving the building as soon as they come off the truck. Due to supply and demand you are also limited to the number or rounds or boxes you can purchase.

    On a side note one store has a list of over 400 people waiting for a chance to buy an AR.

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    So glad Im a hoarder. I need for nothing. Have all the guns, ammo, and reloading supplies to last the rest of my life.
    Just bought 3 cases of steel shot, 3 weeks ago for next year.
    I just need 2 new batteries for my mojo's.

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    @ 10:00 pm Saturday night I put 6 AR15 30 round magazines up for sale on a local Shooting Website.

    Less than 28 minutes later they were sold.

    Thank You President Obama. NO PRESIDENT IN HISTORY has been better for Firearms and Ammo Sales!

    Quite literally, Obama has put more guns in the hands of Americans then any president in US History!

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    Difficult to purchase handgun ammo around here.

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    What cracks me up is that nutcase D Feinstien from California keeps saying that all americans are for gun control and want them out of peoples hands. Anyone purchasing a gun is a right wing extremist nut job. At least I'm not alone....

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    This is what happens when you question these politicians about it...

    EXCLUSIVE: Journalist Accosted by Security over Mayor Bloomberg Gun Control Question
    Bill Davis

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    here in Las Vegas we just had the SHOT show....Vegas is know for having gun ranges that allow you to try out a fully automatic M4 or similar weapon...The lines at those ranges was at an all time high...We also experienced something in the last couple of week I have never seen here in the state...protesters at those ranges and lines at the gun show which were once scheduled every two months, but are now popping up every two weeks..and those in line at the gun shows cant all be from NV because there arent that many people here, will guess that many are from Southern California
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    Did you catch the mention, on the YouTube video posted to the other thread, that the reason behind the "litmus test" in the military, is that the "powers that be" are actually stunned by the firestorm of gun purchasing that is going on in response to those "executive orders" and proposed legislation. They would have, of course, noticed those record numbers of background checks passing through the FBI. It had occurred to me that this administration had just made a major misstep in underestimating the majority of citizens' opinion on the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

    I'd wager that there are a lot of people who didn't like the sound of the oratory that accompanied the announcement of those executive orders and planned legislation.

    Easy to see why the Congress-critters are in favor of all this kind of legislation, as it appears that they will be exempt from these new laws, much like they are exempt from insider trading, SS and Obamacare. On second thought, if they pass these laws, they may, indeed, need some armed protection
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    I understand from an exhibtor at the SHOT Show that there were protesters there as well. The reason the SHOT Show moved to Vegas from New Orleans was because the stupid mayor before Ray Nagin decided he wanted to file suit against gun mfg's because of the black on black street crime. The suit didn't go anywhere and the city lost the SHOT Show!

    I'm glad I have what I need because the guns stores around here have sold everyhting they can get their hands on. From ammo to AR's & handguns, there ain't much left. Had one store that got in a dozen really pricey AR's in and he posted it on Facebook. He sold them all the next morning!
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