Puppy Wild Weekend, Duck Club memories
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Thread: Puppy Wild Weekend, Duck Club memories

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    Default Puppy Wild Weekend, Duck Club memories

    Took the pups to the duck club this weekend it was Wild to say the least.

    Gundog Skills learned, (not sure which were the students pups or us ).

    1. Bird Introduction: Don't put ducks to be cleaned in a pile on the ground, still it's hilarious to watch a bunch of semi-drunken men attempt to catch one pup who takes off with a duck, only to have the other pups run off with more from the unguarded pile, in an endless cycle.

    2. Water Introduction; 8 week old pups can and will swim across ponds faster than you can walk-run in waders, so watch that there are no coots to chase when you take them for a walk, also when older dog brings live coot over to the puppies do not take away and throw into a pond, they go after it. Refer to first part of Lesson 2.

    3. Gun introduction; Gunshot what gunshot? Artillery going down in all over the club and they are more concerned with removing caked mud from their paws, that is until coot episode. Mud What Mud?

    4. It is a myth that puppies wear out, at least not before you or any of your duck club compadres. Although they will settle enough to sit in a lap around the campfire and chew the sleeves, gloves, hands, and beards of the unconscious.
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    Wish I could have seen all those antics.
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