Too Few Lawyers?
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Thread: Too Few Lawyers?

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    Default Too Few Lawyers?

    A quote from the NY Times:
    "Thirty years ago if you were looking to get on the escalator to upward mobility you went to business or law school. Today the law school escalator is broken."
    a professor of law at Indiana University, on the declining number of applications to United States law schools.
    Maybe this is a good thing!

    I recall reading that the US has more lawyers per capita than any other country. There seem to be plenty of lawyers. Considering that many lawyers end up as politicians, corporate attorneys, etc., maybe the market for lawyers is simply saturated?
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    We have more lawyers than any other country due to the fact that everybody is suing everybody trying to get easy money and not have to work for it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by crawfordw2 View Post
    We have more lawyers than any other country due to the fact that everybody is suing everybody trying to get easy money and not have to work for it!
    I think you are confusing "cause" and "effect". It's the lawyers constantly soliciting business that drive the industry.
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    the old joke used to be that lawyers are the guys that couldnt pass the MCAT (medical college admissions test) or

    lawyers were the guys that passed the LSAT(law school admissions test) before the MCAT

    maybe Billy was right
    lets kill all the lawyers
    kill em tonight

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    Gerry I'm thinking you and Mr. Crawford are both correct:

    • "If you prove the cause, you at once prove the effect; and conversely nothing can exist without its cause."
      (Aristotle, Rhetoric)

    What came first, the chicken or the egg?

    Everyone (at least those who hold the legal profession in pun intended) miss quotes that Dick Butcher line from Henry VI.
    It was spoken by a villain who hungered for a lawless England, Shakespeare actually paid the lawyers a great compliment on the manner in which they kept society civil.

    Back to your main point: the USA also boasts the most Psychiatrists per capita of any other country....unfortunately, they can't stop all their patients from running for office.
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    I read somewhere (not sure if this correct) that the U.S. GRADUATES more lawyers each year than total number of lawyers PRACTICING in Japan.

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