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Thread: GDG Hospice?

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    Default GDG Hospice?

    Anyone know the procedure for Hospice? FIL will be needing them very soon and I would like to understand how it works prior to involvement. Figure it's going to be rough on my wife since she is the only interested party and she will need help.

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    The hospice you choose should have all the answers you seek. The two I've known really became a blessing for our family in a difficult time. The Hospice and Rest Home worked closely together and made the process a little more bearable. Sorry- It never gets any easier.
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    my wife is a 35 year rn and currently a marketer for a local hospice company. she is extremely knowledgable and willing to help/educate others as to the benefits of hospice services. my number is 256-599-4996 if you would like to call or text me with a time and number for sherry to contact you and/or your wife.

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    My dad had hospice care at home until he passed. It was a blessing as my parents could concentrate on the time they had left together and not have too much traveling to the doctors. The nurses were fantastic although I couldn't handle that job. It was something I'll always be thankful for. We had the nurse over a couple of times a week, we had equipment delivered for use. If you need it I would highly recommend checking it out. The people who provide those types of services are kind and very willing to help. Good luck and god speed.
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    Hospice can meet you at the level of your needs: residential, home, adult daycare, full time/ part time with various levels of nursing skills. There is also "family rest" programs to allow home care givers a vacation. Your FIL's primary care doc can give you contacts or a local hospital's social work department can help you.

    hope all goes well

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