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Thread: Floors

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    Bamboo if you want natural or Brazillian Cherry in an engineered floor. Stranded bamboo is a beautiful product and will hold up pretty well. Some surface scratching but too hard to gouge. Tile is OK, but really hard on your back in a working area like a kitchen. Ironwood in an engineered floor is also a beautiful wood and hard. The advantage of the engineered flooring is the aluminum oxide coating on the factory finish. You will never get as good a final product on a sand and finish job, but the engineered flooring can be recoated at least once if need be. Also way more stable.
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    Get a sample of the wood flooring you'd like to use, preferably prefinished. Push your thumbnail into the sample. That's what the dogs will do, especially if they "turn" to go into or out of the room. They're not as bad on the straightaways.
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    Tile is great

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    We just built a new room, 12' X 21', for the family (me, Lois, and the dogs). We put down tile. We have hardwood floors in the rest of the house and the tile is MUCH nicer. They even make tile now that looks just like wood if you like the wood look. Our tiles are 20 X 20 inch squares and more dog resistant than any material I can think of..
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    Thanks for the info Jake. It will be some time before that project gets to the top of the list. Roof and furnace are going to be first. I might do a test run in my utility room since the hot water heater is trying to go through the floor. It also gets the most traffic. We have a temporary fix in place there. I feel poor just thinking about it!
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    Thanks for everyone's help, now it's time to choose...lol
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