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Thread: Grady offspring - big?

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    I have a 12 weeker at 25 pounds!!! LOL
    Wayne Beck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alain View Post
    I have bread my bitch to Grady, pups are now 8 months old......most of then from what i have heard are and will be big dogs.
    Male 75-80 + and female 65 +.......

    Indeed . My boy was 72 pounds at just under 6 months. To soon for me to tell for sure, but I don't see tall and lanky in his future. Just an all around pretty good sized dog.

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    I have a 15 month old male very tall , almost looks me in the eye when we hug!
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    I'd guess that there are so many Grady pups out there that they will be every size.

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    My 13mos old male might top out at 60lbs. He's a little guy and looks just like his mother. Most of the pups in this litter are on the smaller side
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    My male is 2.5 yo and he is 65lbs I guess average ht

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    Our litter that is a bit over a year now out of a 46 pound female range from 35-70 pounds. The one male was big from day 1 and maintained it. The little one was little from day 1. The other 5 are probably 50-60.
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    i got a biggun and a li'lun. two different litters.
    john mccallie

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    I had a litter of 13. The bitch weighs 65 and is a little taller than average. At 15 months most of the girls are under 60 and fireballs. A couple are pretty big... Tall and more than 70 lbs. The three boys are all pretty big. I kept the smallest puppy and he is skinny, tall, and 80 lbs.

    I hear great reports about attitude and marking. Hopefully we'll see some in the Derby this Spring.
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    Ren 1.jpg Here is mine at 2, I believe his mom was a good size. He is 70 pounds and a little over 26 at the withers. A big boy. I love this dog, very affectionate, smart, a little soft, lots of go, but very biddable and wants to be right. I am having the time of my life with him and could not be happier with what I have. He will be 3 in May and after 2 he began filling out, tall and thin before then and slow to mature. Poor guy could be much better with a more knowledgable trainer but I am learning so much with him and loving the game. Sara

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