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Thread: Grady offspring - big?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sabireley View Post
    I had a litter of 13. The bitch weighs 65 and is a little taller than average. At 15 months most of the girls are under 60 and fireballs. A couple are pretty big... Tall and more than 70 lbs. The three boys are all pretty big. I kept the smallest puppy and he is skinny, tall, and 80 lbs.

    I hear great reports about attitude and marking. Hopefully we'll see some in the Derby this Spring.
    I have a female out of this litter, she is tall and weighs 71 pounds. Has a great attitude...
    Mike McDaniel

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    My Grady pup will be 5 months tomorrow and is about 50 lbs. He is one handsome Son Of My Bitch.
    Terry Crawford

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    We had a female out of a 60lb bitch that went about 70lbs. We have a 9 week old out of a smaller bitch that is 11lbs. Hope he gets bigger!!
    Mike Peters

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    wow thats really tiny....!
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    Shawn, that's the best comment, Grady has so many pups on the ground that you will see all shapes and sizes.
    Breeding to a 45# bitch can produce adult weight dogs from 40# -75# all from the same litter.
    Grady is the constant and the bitch is the variable. What I want to know is where are all these 45# pocket rockets coming from and why are a large percentage of them finger painters in the kennel. There are enough of them around to start a new line of Miniature Labs, seems like there are 1 or 2 in alot of litters from normal to large parents

    Dogtra Field Staff

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    Quote Originally Posted by splashbird View Post
    I'll answer with a picture. The yellow dog in the middle of all our adult dogs is 10 months old when this was taken. He is sired by Grady and is a big tall lanky sunuvabitch.
    Attachment 11088
    He may be big, but he takes a very handsome photo! The pic is great, love the pup having to get in it too.
    ~Cortney Bally~

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    With so many Gady litters out there we may have to change the name of the breed to "Grady Retrievers." Get off of the bus and try something different, he's not the only quality stud out there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ohiodogman View Post
    With so many Gady litters out there we may have to change the name of the breed to "Grady Retrievers." Get off of the bus and try something different, he's not the only quality stud out there!
    I agree that there are many quality studs out there. Buying a puppy is a crapshoot even from two desireable parents. People want to improve their chances to get a nice, trainable, dog with a good attitude that can mark. Grady x many bitches seems to produce that so the puppies are in demand.

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    I have a litter out of Traveller(Grady's son) and at 6wks the males were over 9lbs and the fm's were over 8. With the runt bringing up the rear at 5lb's.

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    Boom Bell and Poc 001.jpg 6 1/2 month old Grady pup on the left with a 4year old 70 pound female on the right.

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