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Thread: Dog Throwing Up

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2tall View Post
    Dogs get norovirus?
    according to this article they can carry the human form
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    He is as regular as the noon whistle. He poops right away in the morning and again in the afternoon. They are always firm, "healthy" looking stools.

    Vet has been consulted. Everything checks out fine.

    I'll try feeding a little earlier and then give a "snack" before bed and see if that helps things out.

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    My young one is on meds right now due to vomiting a yellowish colored liquid, He had not been himself for about a week, then a couple mornings around 1-2 AM there he goes, a day break then tried again . Took him to the vet, exam, x-rays, put on some meds. He is back to normal now and 2 days left of meds.
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    2 of my labs do this at about 4-5am every morning. One has been doing it since she was about 3 months old, and nows she's nearly 3. Just yellowish substance, bile looking. My vet said it happens a lot in very active dogs. Just too high of a metabolism. She said try to give a bed time snack. This helped a lot, but didn't cure it every night. I asked a friend who has 7 FT labs, and they said a few of their dogs did it too.

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    We used to get this a lot when I was working at a guide dog facility (where I worked for 4 yrs). Obviously we would start with an exam and/or bloodwork, but quite often what seemed to work was a late-night snack in these older puppies. Just a milk bone or small amount of kibble just before bedtime... something to help alleviate that early morning acid reflux type situation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Erik Vigeland View Post
    I agree. We don't take water's always there. If he's really that thirsty, he can go ahead and drink. We just don't let him go overboard.
    I agree but I watch them. They can have water any time.
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    When my dog did what yours is doing, I asked the Vet and he said it was just bile. Nothing to worry about.

    I'm not saying that's what yours is though.
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    What about spreading the total food for the day into 3 even meals instead of 2? The third meal could be a little later in the evening and help with the morning acid reflux...if that is the problem.

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    I have an 8 mo that does this almost every weekend. You are probably wondering "why every weekend"? I think it's because I sleep in until 9 and being stuck in his cage that extra two hours does it to him. Not sure why but that's my observation.

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    I dealt with the same thing with my dog. 2 things I did to make the situation better:

    1. put a large rock or something that the dog will not ingest in his food dish; that will make your dog slow down when he eats instead of "inhaling" his food

    2. boil hamburger (strain very well after boiling in WATER) and mix that with rice for his/her next 2 meals

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