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Thread: microchip

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    Senior Member Wayne Nutt's Avatar
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    I have never heard of a vet or vet tech telling someone that. I have had all mine chipped at very young age. No one has suggested nuetering except one time on my old retired dog that had one testicle that had not dropped and that was at age 9 to prevent cancer, or something bad.

    I think I would have a frank talk with my vet.
    Wayne Nutt
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    IMHO there is a movement about to get dogs neutered. Failed CERF tests, register with town hall for local license, now chip inserts.
    I asked the town hall clerk if he was neutered. I told him I'd neuter my fire breather when he got it done.
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    Senior Member blackasmollases's Avatar
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    I believe their theory was chipping him while he was sedated not pushing me to neuter. The receptionist was the one who said that. My current vet has been very helpful in getting me information on testing and on suppling me with a list of area vets who do ofa X-rays.
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    Senior Member Sue Kiefer's Avatar
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    I just ordered chips and will do my pups before they go home.
    Personally I still strongly try and encourage pet/hunters to have their dogs spayed /nuetered.
    I try and get them to wait until the puppy is 18months for a male before heat for a bitch puppy.
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    Senior Member Terri's Avatar
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    With my youngest Lab the vet wanted me to wait to chip until I had her spayed. I told him I had never heard that before and I had two Italian greyhound pups chipped, plus my older Lab when she was a puppy. Several months later I took my daughter's toy dog in for a chip and rabies shot. Same office different vet and he did not bat an eye at putting a chip in her puppy. She bought the puppy in my state, but lives in another state and when the puppy was six months old her vet would not neuter him because he was just too small. I truly believe I saw a vet that was pushing spay/neuter, I ask for a different vet when my dogs need to see a vet.


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    Senior Member Steve Thornton's Avatar
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    My 9 week old got hers today and barely flinched. Money well spent, and I went with AKC Companion.

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    Member jde512's Avatar
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    My 9 week old lab got the AVID chip yesterday and didn't make any reaction at all, not a peep, didn't even turn his head.

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    I got my female dog chipped. They use a big needle but does not seem to faze the dog it was over in seconds.

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    Senior Member RJW's Avatar
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    From what I was told, the litter from where my boy came from got their chips when they were taken in to have their dew claws removed, if my memory serves me correctly. As for the vet asking about neutering/spaying, mine asked me if I was going to do that with mine and I told her not unless there is a very real medical condition that would prolong or save his life, if not he will keep them.

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