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Thread: 14 wk pup retieving ATB's or Duck bumpers?

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    In Trials marking is most important, if the dog can't see the object thrown how can they be expected to mark the fall, its common practice to tie streamers or ribbons to bumpers or birds..And pups seem to love the Dokkens

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2tall View Post
    ......, but really not sure I get the point. Is it just because the pups like them?
    It is just like fishing lures.
    Sparkly lures catch the fisherman in the sporting store.
    While simple red and white spoons catch fish.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Bora View Post
    It is just like fishing lures.
    Sparkly lures catch the fisherman in the sporting store.
    While simple red and white spoons catch fish.
    red and white....not so much, gold will fill the boat with redfish and trout.
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    All of my dogs love the Dokken bird bumpers. They will pick those first over any bumper I use. Start with a teal and then the mallard. And they will out last the Avery true bird. As long as you keep them as a training tool and not a play toy for your pup. I have had some of my Dokken bird bumpers for 10 or more years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mtstringer View Post

    I have a 14 week old chocolate lab and she has been doing well retreiving the canvas bumpers so I bought were a teal ATB/Duck bumper with a hanging head and throw cord with knob. It seems like she doesn't want to pick it up by the body but she will want to chew on the throw cord knob. Her mouth is big enough to fit the body as I can sort of force hold with her for a few seconds but we haven't started that training yet.

    Is this something I should be concerned with or just she's too young and continue training with the canvas baby bumper.

    Thanks ahead,
    My pups are about the same age and went through a similar expeince......they were losing puppy teeth and had sore gums.

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    All of my dogs love the Dokken bird bumpers. They will pick those first over any bumper I use.
    I agree! I've had four Dokkens that have been used regularly for several years. Put one in each pile of bumpers set out for cold blinds and the first dog back is always carrying the Dokken. I like to use them in a dog's first water poison bird blind presentation because they float so high in the water.....excellent suction. When throwing marks and looking for greater visibility of the AOF, they bounce really high and usually more than once giving a young dog a "better look". In cover, they have a very distinct and often nasty smell (at least mine do) which aids a dog's nose to kick in at the end of a mark.

    Never leave them in your van/truck on a hot summer day after water work.

    As for very young pups. They might surprise you if exposed (or not). When Daisy was ten weeks old, I was doing walking singles with my older dogs. I brought her out afterwards for a fun romp in the grass. Just for the fun of it, I whipped a full sized Dokken out to see what she would do. I was very pleasantly surprised. To see if it was a fluke (or not), I tossed it twice.

    The point of this post is......it depends.

    Jim Boyer KwickLabsii.com

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