Having Multiple Dogs
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Thread: Having Multiple Dogs

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    Default Having Multiple Dogs

    I currently have a 3 1/2 year old YLM, he might not ever make it to the Finished/Master level but is a solid gun dog and I love hunting with him. My original thinking was when he was around 6-8 years old I would look to get another pup so I could transition the pup to hunting while my older one slowed down. However there is a planned spring breeding of a litter (Sailor breeding) that I would really like to have a pup out of, but it is definately earlier than my anticpated schedule. This litter is sound and is a repeat breeding with great success in past breedings which would help stack the odds of getting me that Master/Finished level dog I really want now (not original intent with first pup, but dog games are addictive).

    My question is for those of you that have multiple dogs and hunt them both (waterfowl) how do you balance that? Do you hunt them at the same time, just alternate trips?

    There are several pros/cons that I can see for having multiple dogs, but want to get some input on how folks deal with hunting both. Training isn't an issue after basics it seems almost better to run multiple dogs at least you aren't setting up a set of marks running one dog and then setting another up, you can run them with both, honor, etc.

    I am just torn if I should pull the trigger and get a pump out of a litter I really like ahead of schedule or wait and find a litter later on down the road. I know there will be good litters available in the future, but have heard very good things about past pups from this breeding.

    Any advice greatly appreciated.

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    Senior Member John Robinson's Avatar
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    Over the years we have had between one and four Golden's in the house. Usually one or another are off with a pro, while the others stay home for me to train. Right now we have four, old man Yoda 14 1/2, young Muddy, seven months off in Texas with mark Madore, Gus and Alex are both home with Yoda and running drills daily. As for hunting; I alternate dogs duck hunting and take them both when I hunt upland.


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    Senior Member Chris Videtto's Avatar
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    I think that if you really see a breeding you like you should jump on it. I think most people start a new pup when their dog is about 5 years old. Time to go thru basics and transition while hunting with your older dog. I went with a new pup at about 2 and want more.....addicting you say??!!!!

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    I had a 7yr old and a 2yr old for a bit and alternated them when waterfowling. We were running HT's with both of them and I didn't want to create any issues hunting them together.
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    Addictive is an understatement!! I currently own 3 dogs. Have been training at least one dog for free for the past 3 years in the hope that the experience will make me a better trainer/handler.

    I hunt my finished dogs in rotation and hunted the pup this year when conditions warranted. All dogs get a chance on dove hunts because I will pick up for multiple guns. This year one of my finished dogs went to hunt with my brother in law. He was tickled to hunt with a finished dog and Rose was thankfull for 70+ retrieve days. Regardless of how many dogs I have, they all get time in the field!!!
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    ever heard of the term "dog poor"....only downside is that sooner or later they all get old(er)
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    Senior Member JustinS's Avatar
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    I wouldn't say I'm addicted to dogs or dog training/ games my wife calls me obsessed, I now have 3 labs and 1 short hair the pup was just born butiwas able to hunt all the other dogs on rotation it keeps them fresh and well rested if you hunt waterfowl in the am and then do a pheasant hunt your dog needs to have some rest time - by thetimeyou get to the field for an afternoon goose hunt they are pretty tuckered out but when the guns start going they are up and going they will kill themselves retrieving for you if you let them so - get the pup and let them take breaks
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    Whos the dam in the Sailor breeding?

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    I agree with what everybody is saying about alternating the dogs hunting. Obviously by my signature line I passed the addiction point long ago. We have several Master Dogs and we never hunt the same dog two days in row - partly becuase we want everybody to get hunting time, but also to keep them fresh and well rested. Get that puppy!
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    Senior Member Brad B's Avatar
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    I started out in your same shoes, got a chance at a great pup a little ahead of my schedule. He turned out great and is the best dog I have...now I have 3 more in addition to him! We'll not discuss the "addiction"! I ended up rotating them on hunts. When they were younger I'd take them on the easier hunts with fewer people. Now if I'm guiding a large important party I take the "A" game dog(s) and the ones that still need some work or polish get used on the smaller groups and easier hunts. This past season I ended up loaning one of them to another guide working for me since he didn't have a dog. On a couple of hunts I took two of them at a time but I wouldn't recommend that until they are farther along. It's sure a hard decesion some mornings deciding who stays home that day!

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