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Thread: Puppy with diarrhea - again

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    Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. He does put EVERYTHING in his mouth. No shrooms around, but he has been nibbling at the grass. I think he ate some rabbit poop as well. It is amazing what they can find being that low to the ground. Like I said there are no other signs other then the diarrhea. He is active as always, drinking, eating - I just think he likes being spoiled with Chicken and Rice. He lives inside and is crated (has some roaming room for long term storage - in our dinning room). Didn't smell any worse then normal and no blood, typical brown color as well. He finally had a solid stool this morning and didn't get up during the night like he has the past couple. Going to keep him on the chicken and rice for a few more days and start mixing in his food this weekend. With the blizzard coming tomorrow that will cover up the grass for a few weeks as well. I'm keeping a close eye on him.

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    You have gotten some reasonable advice. Giardia cyst excretion can be cyclical with high numbers one day and very few the next. So it might be easy to get a negative test. Also, you might want to think about coccidia which is treated differently than Giardia.

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    My lab also has "sensitivities" to foods. My vet said that both chicken and rice are known to be not well tolerated by some dogs. After LOTS of experimentation, I settled on Taste of the Wild High Sierra Lamb. Not cheap but not the most expensive either but the point is that is cleared up his loose stools after the transition to that brand was complete.


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    Overfeeding can cause the loose stools...and it really does not have to be that much more food...sosmetimes, it is hard to increase what they need as they get older and overfeeding can result.

    I also use pumpkin out of the can (not pumpkin pie mix). I add about 1-2 tablespoons to regular feeding once a day. It helps...
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