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Thread: Andy Attar Video

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    Default Andy Attar Video

    Found this on

    REDFISH CREATIVE Group and Autumn Run Retrievers have formed a partnership to produce and distribute an instructional video featuring acclaimed retriever trainer Andy Attar.

    Best known for his numerous articles and features on retriever training and field-trials, Attar is positioned to become the major name in retriever training.

    Attar?s video series will become a staple training tool and sets the bar high for video instruction on the topic. The Attar video features a 3+ hour instructional cassette/DVD as well as a comprehensive training manual, featuring Attar?s distinctive style and highly effective training techniques.

    Shooting for the production began in May 2003 and additional footage continues to be acquired. Post-production is well under way. Redfish anticipates releasing the first of the video series in the very near future.
    Redfish Creative will also provide a full print campaign for this product, commencing this fall.
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    Anyone have this? What do you think?

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    I have it and I like it. It is not for newbies, but it has a lot of good info for people who are familiar with modern training ideas and language.

    I've gleaned a lot of good info. from it. 8)
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