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Thread: Water Blind...

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    Quote Originally Posted by big gunner View Post
    Just curious on the issue of on and off the point. Once one the point and after the sit whistle would you give a rt angle w/a verbal back, give a straight up right hand verbal back, or be a cowboy and let him roll if his line was good??????
    I will refrain from answering specifically because each run may dictate a different action throughout as I have previously alluded. Others may want to contribute how they would handle the point with their dog giving detailed reasons as to why.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wade View Post
    I have to ask, did your dogs have any problem with the red line? Or the side hill off the offensive zone circle?
    Still working on off-sides...the blue line got her every time
    Labrador Retriever, a 20g & grouse...is there a better combination?

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