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Thread: Lcs universal bird launcher

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    Default Lcs universal bird launcher

    Any opinions on the use of the lcs universal bird launcher for retriever training. Much cheaper than bumper boy.

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    Dont have an opinion on it but as one guy training one dog for hunt tests I am considering it. I think it would be serviceable for that. Id be interested to hear if anyone has used one

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    I really think you'll be disappointed. I looks very weak. (I have a similar one I never use and some MUCH stronger Shur Flyte's I only occasionally use for marks. These are for launching quail for pointers.)

    Learn how some folks leave the dog on a mat (or whatever) and walk out and throw for them. That's free.


    get a Bumper Boy or Winger of some sort (Gunners UP or ZINGER.)

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    I went back to my March 2003 training journal for this photo of an HRC style triple (bucket and gun at the line). At that time, I had three small, remote box launchers. There were many hay bales on the field trial grounds at Stoughton. I placed launchers on top and the four extra feet of height was important. They were effective.

    A year later, I made my own wingers.

    edit: and as Keith pointed out the next "transition" was training alone (dog at the line, trainer out in the field thowing marks).

    box launchers triple (75, 135, 210 yards)

    (money tight, camera $50 D-Link & photo editing was crude)
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    Jim Boyer

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