Here's a speech most of us would love to hear from the POTUS!
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Thread: Here's a speech most of us would love to hear from the POTUS!

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    Default Here's a speech most of us would love to hear from the POTUS!

    Of course it wouldn't be a speech given by the current White House resident, nor would it come from some linguini spined RINO...and certainly not from some lefty socialist Democrat. Not only is this speaker purely "Virtual"...he's a complete unreal dream.

    It is impossible to believe this nation will EVER have a REAL PRESIDENT with the onions to stand up and speak out in this manner, although there are many Americans that would vote for this type of leader. Unfortunately, we are beyond getting that type of person elected in this country any time soon. Only after the smoke has cleared, can we once again even think about a nation ruled by the Constitution as written by the Founders. It will take another revolution to rid this country of the evil that has been allowed to take over this nation.

    The only possibility of averting such a gruesome occurance, will happen at the polls in 2014. If that fails to remove the pathetic Democrat rule of the Senate, be prepared for some form of attempt at tyrannical control of the people, right after the current monetary policy crumbles, and we fall into a similar situation as Cypress and other European countries will be doing this year. Predictions??? No, more accurately called premonitions. WHAT IS HAPPENING CANNOT CONTINUE...IT MUST FAIL, AND IF YOU CAN'T SEE IT DEVELOPING, YOU AREN'T PAYING ATTENTION, OR JUST DON'T GIVE A DAYUM.


    Listen and weep!

    When the one you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure.

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    Bill I have read some articles sayings we are in stage 2 of a revolution, The 3rd stage will start when the Dollar is downgraded and no longer a world currency. Thats when Martial law will try to take effect, and the fighting will start according to them. This is why the Billion aires are taking there money out of the stock market, they know something big is on the horizon, They said it would be 10 times the 2008 collapse, something like we have never seen before, It is because the non stop printing of US dollars by these Idiots in Washington they wont pass a budget because they cant, it is already out of control, It is just a matter of when......

    Better stock pile some food and water, and since your money will be worth nothing, better get some Gold or Silver...

    Do you think Obama knows it? 2 billion rounds of ammo a huge force just as big as our armed forces in the USA on our soil? Getting rid of our guns and Declaring our vets crazy so they cant own guns,??????? What do you think?
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