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Thread: smear tactics

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    Default smear tactics

    Got a phone call yesterday from some organization ( this is their possible phone number 405-225-8286 ). It was an automatic recorded one so there was no one to talk to. They are saying that Eddie Fields ( ) is for Obama care which is not true. In Oklahoma that will for sure cause a politician to lose votes. They said push one to connect to Fields' office.
    I did and the lady who answered said "no, Mr. Fields is not for obama care". Very nice lady who was open and frank about the sudden over burden of phone calls to Mr. Fields' office. I talked to Mr. Fields in the past and that smear campaign said that he was for everything that he has said that he is against. Someone wants him out of office very badly. He must therefore be a great guy !
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    the tactics worked on Mitt, its the politics of personal destruction...which is why good men/women will no longer seek public office and all we will have to choose from is either a crook,some blowhard,or someone with a nefarious past
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    Well said, Bon!

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    Mitt was roasted by his own party. Republicans did half the work for Obama in 2012 election.

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