What are YOU Reading/Listening To???
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Thread: What are YOU Reading/Listening To???

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    Default What are YOU Reading/Listening To???

    I just read "Killing Kennedy" by Bill O'Reilly.

    Incredible detail, lot's of stuff I didn't know behind the scenes.

    In the end, the results were still the same.

    What about you?
    Stan b & Elvis

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    "Collapse" by Jared Diamond. It is a study of the reasons societies rise and fall and the self inflicted factors that lead to their end.

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    The First Americans--Pre-Clovis People--Solutrean Hypothesis, Coastal Migration Hypothesis: these are in addition to the Land Bridge Hypothesis. Interesting research at the Aucilla River site in northern Florida. All of these indicate Pre-Clovis cultures with different technologies. There is more to life than just dogs and politics!
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    The French Lieutenant's Woman, an authorially narcissistic post-post-modern tour de force that examines the Victorians through the eyes of the '60's. A great read, and fascinating, and also hollow and amoral and totally unsatisfying... On purpose, though, therefore demanding the reader to consider the consequences of said....

    Oh, never mind. It's a great book, but I'm glad it's over.

    I have a bunch of short stories to read until the next.

    I want to read a baseball book next--suggestions welcome.
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    "Veil" by Bob Woodward. Secret wars of the CIA during the Reagan administration.

    BTW, I love reading books that people recommend.

    Sarge, if you enjoy "Collapse" you would probably enjoy "Guns, Germs and Steel" by Diamond.

    I would also recommend that you guys read "The Source" by James Michener. It's historical fiction, yet gives incredible insight into the conflicts of the Middle East.
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    Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

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    Silent Spring at 50 - Edited by CATO - It's a series of inputs by various authors - a slug but shows how too much science is political & opinionated rather than the real thing. Rachel Carson would qualify as an opinionated POS in today's world but would be a heroine to the MSM.

    CATO Press has books on just about any subject you want to explore - very thorough in their presentation but all are pretty dry.

    Quote Originally Posted by Brad Turner View Post
    I would also recommend that you guys read "The Source" by James Michener. It's historical fiction, yet gives incredible insight into the conflicts of the Middle East.
    If you haven't read every Michener book you should - while it's written as fiction he researches thoroughly. I agree with the "Source" as a very worthy read. The hatred in the ME is centuries old & deep seated . We are not going to make it go away by sending our treasure & our troops over there.

    "Texas" is a Michener book which includes a real life congressman who gets beaucoup bucks from folks in his meaningless crusade to stop the family business from competition. Long before Wally World but reminds one of our most recent Texan who makes noise, has an audience but does little . The only difference being this most recent audience is not as selfish.

    Any book by Thomas Sowell, excellent author, the books flow well & tell a lot about the other point of view by those of color.

    Michael Barone has a few that are worthy reads.

    For light reading, Grisham. Used to be westerns, but there are no more good western writers.
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    Marvin S

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    reading : The Bible, (NASB)..Imagine,by Jonah Lehrer

    Listening: Pandora app on iPhone; Heart Channel or Three Dog Night Channel

    Listening : Sirius XM radio; Mark Levin, Cam and Company,

    Listening : Tune In radio app; Laura Ingraham,Randy Galloway

    when I am on the road driving long distances, what I listen to is VERY important, helps me to concentrate and makes the time flyby(or at least appear to)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marvin S View Post
    . .....If you haven't read every Michener book you should - while it's written as fiction he researches thoroughly.............
    "Texas" is a Michener book which includes a real life congressman..........
    Yup, if you can get through the first couple chapters he feels you have paid your dues and have the background needed to read the story. I am partial to "Chesapeake" myself. The tail of Oink-Or the goose could stand alone, but is but one chapter.
    Sad I am not reading anything for fun at all right now. A study of the natural vacume of fluid in a 3/16 tube vs. industry standard 5/16 tube over distances greater than 300 yards is making my brain turn to sap and dribble slowly out of one of my ears.
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