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Thread: Between series at a HT

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    Ken, you know chestapeeks don't need no tune ups!
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    Quote Originally Posted by thelast2 View Post
    If you have a problem during a test chances are it should have been dealt with long before entry of the hunt test. So to answer your question No I wouldnt leave the test to try and fix a problem. Some dogs that are extremely excited when they get to hunt test I like to take out and give them a good run and lots of marked retrieves prior to going to the hunt test just to give them a chance to release some of their nervous energy, I think it helps with some of the younger dogs creeping problems and calms them so that they dont drag you to the holding blinds.
    agreed. I suppose it could depend on the dog, but I personally dont try and correct things in between series for my dog. It seems like anxiety can be a lot higher for my dog on HT days, so I always throw the frisbee around to make things more fun (assuming the weather isnt too hot). This seems to lower the anxiety for him a little bit. With that being said, I always get the judges permission first. **This is what works for me and my dog, but I am not pro by any means, just thought I would share something that works in my situation**
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    Leaving the grounds to discuss certain things over lunch can be helpful. IMHO high rollers usually do better with breakfast meetings.

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    one thing that seemed to help my Maxx dog was a very brisk 4 or 5 mile run behind my 4 wheeler timed to finish about 10 minutes before going to the line.......LOL. He would sit long enough for the birds to get down just catching his breath........
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