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Thread: Positive feedback

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    Default Positive feedback

    It makes you feel really good when you get this kind of feedback. Briley was with me only for four months.

    "Wayne, I want to thank you. I know you are a retriever trainer. But, what you gave my dog has nothing to do with bumpers or blind retrieves. I know dogs personalities have a lot to do with it and I got, somewhat lucky, but the loyalty you taught her through competent training is evident every day that I spend with her. I want to thank you for not only giving us beginning retrieval training but a friend that I will cherish until we can no longer be together. You sir, are a fine man and a friend to dog lovers e everywhere. Thank you."

    I found the dog for him at a breeder in south Texas (advertised on RTF) and the sire was FC Fenn. The dam was the breeders dog that was a MH and with a pass or two at the National and was running in FT with a pro in who winters in TX but whose home location is Wisc. I can't remember his name.

    I also trained the little chocolate lab on the far right in the pheasant picture, SHR Cabblie Lou. She is from Endless Mountain Kennels in PA.

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    As trainers, Wayne- we all need that pat on the back at times! WTH- as people, we need it too... Always makes my day when I get a note from one of my clients like that.
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    That's great! Congrats

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    awesome!! nice pics to

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    A little validation from time to time never hurts! Good job Wayne very happy for you
    Jon Couch
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    "It's very important to constantly analyze what you are doing and whether your dogs are being good or bad because of what you are doing or in spite of what you are doing." Mike Lardy

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    Congrats to your successes Wayne and glad to see you are getting some recognition.
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    That makes it all worthwhile Wayne Very good. Thanks for sharing. Nice pics and story!!!
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