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Thread: Outing a Trainer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pete View Post
    The reason I mentioned this is I have trained a lot of dogs who adopted owners claimed they were abused. when I asked them why they thought that the most common response was because the y look like they were.,,,skittish ,,afraid of this or that. I would ask did you see it being abused. pretty much none of them had.
    Now I have also trained a ton of dogs that were 1 owner dogs,,,being owned at 7,8,or so weeks.
    People would always tell me,,,,,I swear we don't beat our dog. I can tell they are telling the truth because they were great responsible families who loved their dog so much they were willing to invest a lot of money into helping it.

    Generally when I see a "pig" stepping on marks and lining key wholes at 300 yards,,,,,my first thought is WOW that guy did a great job training that dog. No one likes to watch that ,,,,but if you ever trained a dog that was like that you would appreciate the patience and fairness that went into getting that dog where it is. I mentioned this because some dogs go into avoidance very very easily and while they appear before training to really love to work they don't have the right personality to deal favorable with pressure of any kind as a matter of fact some avoid the simplest command even when food is offered,when training first begins. Often when people inexperience people see things like this they chaulk it up to abuse.
    So things aren't always what they seem especially to new people in the sport.
    Very true. Not every slinky dog is that way because he was abused. Some dogs are just slinky.
    On the other hand, if every dog on the truck is slinky........
    Matt McKenzie

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    There is a big difference between an abusive trainer/owner and one that is a bad trainer or poor with customer service. If you witness animal cruelty, abuse, contact athorities ASAP, but make sure you know what is considered cruelty in you state. However if you don't like the trainer for what ever reason it is your option to tell who ever you want, but make sure you aren't expecting to much from the man or the dog. If I am asked about a particular person or product I feel I owe it to the person asking to tell my honest opinion, but will not express it with out being asked.

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