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Thread: training video clip

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bridget Bodine View Post
    A agree with this for more advanced dogs , but caution against nit picking a young dog. Let a young dog roll for awhile even if it is a bit off line
    Bridget very good point thank you for correcting me I had forgotten that these were the dogs first cold blind. This arm chair quarterback thing is difficult when you don't actually have your hands on the dog. Based on the video the first blind I wouldn't have done anything different other than a quicker whistle to try to diminish the amount the dog got off line, and I the second I may have handled once earlier just based on what I saw in the dogs momentum. Again though it is hard to train from a keyboard. I again thank you for having my back and making your point as I would feel horrible if the OP diminished his dogs momentum based on my recommendation.
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    I have a 300 foot check cord I used today that worked well she dident seem to mind it at all. Have shortened the whistle blast up, and no longer move my hand or knee when I send her. just did the land t this morning as I couldn't get to any of my pattern blind spots. I think the check cord will help for sure again it went well this morning. hope to get another video right off and post it up. thanks again everyone for all your on going help!!!

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