Sacramento Valley RC Field Trial Results
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Thread: Sacramento Valley RC Field Trial Results

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    Default Sacramento Valley RC Field Trial Results



    1st Lean Mac?s Scouper Star ? Luann Pleasant
    2nd Magnum?s Judge-Em ? Jerry Patopea
    3rd Valley Home Primetime ? Jim Gerhold
    4th Fargo II ? Jane Patopea
    RJ Shoe String Buck ? Gary Ahlgren
    Jams: Do not have


    1st Shoe String Buck ? Gary Ahlgren
    2nd Midnight Ranger XXIX ? Pat Nichols
    3rd World Famous Magical Mischief ? Ryan Gelardi
    4th Fire?N?Ices?s Whistlein Dixie ? Michael Palazzolo
    RJ Lean Mac?s Scouper Star ? Chad Costa
    Jams: Do not have

    Qualifying (44 Starters)

    1st Flyway?s loaded with Dynamite (GR) - Jennifer Keyworth
    2nd Hi Test Serious Black - J. Patopea
    3rd Wylie?s Fiercraker - Karen Valladon
    4th Ezmeralda Double or Nothing EZ - JJ Jones
    RJ Rocklifter?s Dakota Wrangler - Paul Foster

    Jams: Millforge Rapscallion ? Bill Sargenti; PAH RAH?s Little Bigman ? JJ Jones; ET?s Hooligan ? Emory Thibault; Trapper?s Natural Driller MH ? Trapper Barnes; Callie?s Burgandy Ale ? Luann Pleasant; Talbot of Black Forest ? Luann Pleasant


    1st Show-Biz Lucy Gotta Star - Jane Patopea
    2nd Bon Soir - Charles Tyson
    3rd Show-Biz Lyle U Gotta Luv It - Jerry Patopea
    4th Augustus Class V At Sealion - Wendy Pennington
    RJ Waterdog?s A Fine Mess - Bill Sargenti

    Jams: Lassen Gunner ? Jane Patopea; Tirsecta?s Shag-Edelic ? Linda Browne; Crackshot Ben There Done That ? Jerry Patopea; Chena River Arctic Char ? Bill Sargenti; Quail Run?s Surfer Dude ? Jane Patopea; Quail Run?s Quicksilver ? Julie Cole

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    Magnum's Judge-em was up hear last weekend and finished our amateur with a 3rd running for his owner Gary Zellner. Now he's in California finishing the open with a 2nd running for Jerry Potopea.

    It's a small retrieving world. I wonder if these dogs get jet lagged too.
    Howard Niemi

    You really gotta be careful about how high a pedestal you put your method, your accomplishments, your dog on. There's usually someone who's done more, somewhere. And they may have used a different method than you did! Chris Atkinson 2013

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