How often do you Charge your TriTronics Pro 100, 200, 500 or Flyway (G3)
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View Poll Results: G3 TriTronics Pro series do you manage your charging?

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  • I keep my transmitter and receiver on the cradle whenever I'm not training.

    33 19.41%
  • I keep them off the charger for days or weeks before charging.

    129 75.88%
  • Other - please explain

    8 4.71%
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Thread: How often do you Charge your TriTronics Pro 100, 200, 500 or Flyway (G3)

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    Senior Member Chris Atkinson's Avatar
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    Default How often do you Charge your TriTronics Pro 100, 200, 500 or Flyway (G3)

    When I had a G2 Pro 500, I rarely charged it. I kept it in the truck almost continuously and took it in the house to charge rarely.

    When I upgraded to G3 Pro 500 and Flyway setups, I had some dialogue with TT Customer Service while messing with the tracer light for a while. (I ultimately removed the tracer from my receiver and don't use one anymore). It was then that I was told the best practice was to always keep the transmitter and receiver in the cradle whenever not in use. I've been following this protocol now for the past few years.

    I'm curious how other users of the Pro Series G3 TriTronics products manage their charging protocol.

    For those who don't put their equipment on the charging cradles very often, how do you decide when it is time to put them on the charger?

    Please, if you use one of these and have a moment, feel free to click a button.

    Thanks! Chris

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    Senior Member suepuff's Avatar
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    I have a very scientific way of doing it. When I think of it, I put them on the cradle!

    But as a matter of fact, I had a problem yesterday that I haven't had before....haven't had time to call Tri-tronics.

    I charged both recently. When I turned the collar on, it turned green, then blinked red. Granted I don't pay much attention, but is that a battery dead indicator? Or maybe it's time for me to get a new battery as it's not holding its charge?

    Sue Puff
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    Senior Member Hairy Dawg's Avatar
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    I had a problem with one of my receivers, & TT customer service told me then that they recommended keeping it on the charger at all times while not in use. I tend to believe, however, that this will lead to premature battery failure. Whether or not my belief is true is up for debate. My batteries on my flyway g2 have been going strong for 4 1/2 years & still hold strong charges. As far as when to charge, I will charge about once a month, unless I have a big training day coming up, then I may throw them on the charger just to make sure no failures occur. I have gotten my collars out to use & have had a dead battery, so my method isn't perfect, but I also have a sport basic, & can usually get something working.

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    Senior Member shawninthesticks's Avatar
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    I dont have a pro version ,(field 90 exp).I had a Multi sport G2 for years until a recent fire.From the time I got them they recommended to keep them on the charger whenever not in use.

    I found out last summer from customer service rep that if the batteries are allowed to go completely dead on the collars it can sometimes allow them to not stay in sync with the transmitter. Customer service said that a vast majority of their calls are do to this as the customer assumes the battery is dead or faulty collar ,but in fact just needs re synced to the transmitter.

    Almost all newer style batteries are designed to stay on their chargers ,from power tools to cell phones ,and most in between,as to a lot of older style batteries required them to be ran all the way down from time to time.

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    I keep my transmitters and receivers on the chargers all of the time when not in use. I have found that if not done the impulse to the receiver varies and you may get a variance in intensity of correction. (ie. a high 3 may be a medium 3). In all fairness to the dog it is probably best to keep them charged at all times to the fullest extent possible.

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    I have two collars. I keep them both in my bag. When one goes dead after a couple weeks I use the other for a couple weeks then I take the transmitter and two collars to the charger. I don't leave them in the truck during winter because cold is hard on batteries but I often leave them in the truck during summer. With two collars the most often I charge is once every three weeks.

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    Senior Member 2tall's Avatar
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    I have been really bad about keeping them on the chargers as often as I should. I just got a new G3 Pro 500 transmitter and one more receiver. I am trying hard to change my ways. But I have only two chargers and three receivers so sometimes I forget which one was done last! The transmitter does not seem to need near as much time on the charger, so I guess it just does not drain as fast. As I type, all three are laying on the kitchen counter and not getting charged! I think I better get up and go get 'em. Thanks for the reminder
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    Senior Member John Robinson's Avatar
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    Whoops, I voted before I read enough to see it didn't relate to my 14 year old Pro 500. I only plug that collar in when the batteres are getting low. I don't know f that isright or wrong, butit has served me well for over a decade.


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    Senior Member Brad B's Avatar
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    I have a sport basic for hunting and I think I only charged it twice during this season, hunting 3-5 days a week. The training collar (pro 500) gets charged whenever I have a day off and happen to think about it. Maybe once a month I'd guess unless I happen to see that's running low then I'll pop it on the cradle. Much nicer how fast they charge now compared to the old ones.

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    I was told to charge weekly and I try to do so (except during the off time).

    I'm sure battery technology has surpassed my knowledge, but back in the day the best thing for a battery was to cycle them from fully charged to fully expended in order for the batteries to not develop a "trained" condition where the battery would not fully charge.

    I bet this does not apply to tritronics, but other chargers would cycle the battery for you in a charge/discharge cycle for this reason.

    I also try to keep the charge on my stuff consistent so I am fair to my dogs!

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