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Thread: Removing/Buying Kennel Name

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    I want to clarify myself and reason for bringing up this thread/question. In no way am I not proud of who the breeder of my pup was. I raised the question only because I personally do not care for the way it looks or will look on paper, and i was curious as to if others have tried to negotiate having that removed if it was in the contract. And as some have said, "by leaving the name out you're not giving the breeder credit". My response to that is... In no way am I against or not wanting to give the breeder credit for the breeding that produced my dog. Whenever i register him on any website or forum, most have places to type in the breeders name, and personally i think thats plenty of credit to whomever.

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    Threads like this go nice with a beer, when they get to 10 15 pages these guys seem to realy get going.

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    If I was a breeder I wouldn't want every tom dick and harry using my kennel name on their papers...What if it turns out a dud for what ever reason? Would you want your name attached to a dog that wasn't given the proper training or socialization by the owner? ...On the AKC registration papers it ask for the breeder to authorize the use of their name...It has to be a registered name with AKC though...The kennel name is some thing to be protected in my opinion...If a kennel makes it mandatory to use their name to get a guarantee on health clearances I have doubts about their motives...If a breeder does the buyers right and builds a reputation based on quality dogs and service , they will get the recognition they deserve... I like Ed will go look else where to purchase if strings are attached ... Steve S
    "Your dog learns as much by doing his work right,by your praise and encouragement, as he does by your displeasure and correction." DLWalters

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    Quote Originally Posted by EdA
    Originally Posted by knash3
    , in field dogs the breeding is 10% of the success.

    I strongly disagree with that percentage
    So do I. In field trials dog and training count. So 50-50 or thereabouts is a better estimate.
    Howard Niemi

    You really gotta be careful about how high a pedestal you put your method, your accomplishments, your dog on. There's usually someone who's done more, somewhere. And they may have used a different method than you did! Chris Atkinson 2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by Howard N View Post
    So do I. In field trials dog and training count. So 50-50 or thereabouts is a better estimate.
    I agree but I would like to add. The best bred most talented dog in the world will not succeed without a capable trainer and a dog with no talent could make Farmer look bad.
    I have learned I need these dogs much more than they need me. Tim Bockmon

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    i think it is 100% the dog....and 50% the trainer. but i am not sure that's possible?
    john mccallie

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    Quote Originally Posted by knash3 View Post
    IMHO, that's because in show dogs the breeding is 90% of success, in field dogs the breeding is 10% of the success. Picasso signed HIS name, not the paint manufacturers.
    The paint is the artist's medium...the genetics. The artist (the breeder) mixes them and paints the canvas, creating the puppy. It's up to the puppy buyer to be the art connoisseur and decide whether to showcase the "art" in their gallery...i.e. compete... or keep it for private use only.

    And in show dogs, the handler is a much bigger part of the success than the breeding.
    Sharon Potter

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    To the OP: Since you already have the pup, you may not have an option if you've signed a contract. If you didn't sign anything, then it's your choice.

    I think breeders have the right to require a kennel name and puppy buyers have the right to look for a different pup if they don't want a kennel name.

    The registration papers for the very first purebred dog I bought (a standard poodle) were sent to me with the breeder's kennel name inked in. No online registration at the time, so I had to go along. The kennel name, I'm sure, meant a lot to the breeder, but it didn't do anything for me, and I had to write the dopey name on every obedience trial entry I sent in. After that first dog, I made absolutely certain there was no kennel name requirement for any puppy I bought.

    For me, it's my dog and my dog alone, for better or for worse. I won't buy a dog with any strings attached. Period. No kennel name requirement, no spay/neuter contract, no litter back deal, no nothing.

    I don't like to call or email breeders about the name issue if I don't have to. Some of them get offended and go into lecture mode. So, I try to ascertain whether it's a requirement before I get to the initial contact stage. When searching for a puppy, I first check the breeder's website to see if they have a copy of their contract. If the contract lists a kennel name as a requirement (or spay/neuter, etc.), I look elsewhere. If there is no online contract, I look at the names of puppies they've sold. If they all have the kennel name, I assume it was a requirement and look elsewhere. If I reach the contact stage and I'm still not sure about the name requirement, I ask (delicately, so as to avoid the Kennel Name Lecture) before things get serious.

    There are plenty of puppy buyers who are thrilled to use a kennel name for breeders that want one on their puppies. And there are plenty of breeders with good dogs that don't care about kennel names for the puppy buyers that don't want to see someone else's name on their dog. Everybody's happy and life is good.
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