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Thread: Broken tail

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    Had an adult toller get a broken tail, very painful for him. stepped on? Caught in a door? We weren't sure but the vet wrapped it thickly nearly the whole length, it healed beautifully. Long time ago, don't remember how long the healing took. he was a thousand times more comfortable after it was wrapped up.
    --betty king
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    As far as the question about the aftermath of tail amputation, we have a 4 year old Lab with a stub of a tail not much more than one inch in length. Most likely due to complications of a bone disease she inherited, the circulation was cut off in her tail after a simple case of cold tail when she was a year old. Despite treatment, her tail literally withered and fell off in chunks. To get to healthy tissue, the vet had to amputate much shorter than he would have liked. We had to be very careful with her during recovery because if it didn’t heal, there was no more to take off. She seemed to be in pain for a while, especially the day she backed into the garage door, but eventually it healed up nicely.

    We call her our Dobrador. She looks more like an oversized black Doberman than she ever looked like a Lab. Her lack of tail has not caused her problems with any activity, including swimming. She hunts, and has so far earned her SH in AKC and HR in HRC. She’ll make her Finished debut this year. She prefers not to sit, and wiggles her way down into a sit whether for a whistle in the field or a cookie in the kitchen, but I think that’s more related to her bone development issues than to the her docked tail.

    Just call us Whitecliff Kennels… home to special need retrievers

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