I have recieved about thirty votes due to this forum and thank you guys so much! However I need more likes! My name is Jerry Branstetter and I am a college student in Oklahoma. Training retrievers and filming hunts have been my passion for years. I heard about a contest on facebook for free film school tuition to the person with the most "likes" on their photo. My photo is a sunset picture of my blm overlooking the decoys. Please follow these instructions to help me win. I am 80 "likes" behind!! 1. find the facebook page for "Deep Fork Productions" http://www.facebook.com/DeepForkProductions 2. LIKE THEIR PAGE! 3. find my picture on their page and click "like". If using an Iphone you will have to tap the "recent posts by others" tab to find it. YOU MUST LIKE THEIR PAGE FIRST BEFORE LIKING MY PHOTO OR IT WONT COUNT!! If possible share it to your wall with these instructions to get even more. Every little bit helps THANKS!!