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Thread: Bark collars

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    Default Bark collars

    Anybody use a bark collar on their dog with success? Did it teach them not to bark?

    Looking to get one for my dog. He tends to look out the front door and bark at the kids as they pass by on their way to school. Due to the small window in the front door it's very self rewarding to the dog. Dog sees kid, dog barks, kid disappears. Dog thinks he did his job. But with 30 kids or more walking by the house it gets rather annoying. If I'm around and call him away its fine, but its not something I can do everyday so consistency is a problem. Thinking a bark collar might help.

    Any recommendations for brands? Thinking either tri-tronics or dogtra.

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    I have used several bark collars with sucess. My favorite is the Tri Tronics Bark Limiter. You can adjust the intensity. Mine is old so the design may have changed.

    I have found the cheaper ones tend to be hotter and are more easily set off by bumps and vibrations instead of just barking.

    Tom Wall

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    Most dogs in my experience will respond to a bark collar. That is quit barking when it is on. I don't think it teaches them not to bark when it is not on. Although some do quit altogether.

    Some dogs will bark despite having a bark collar on. I had one of these recently. The bark collar meant nothing to him. I tried everything and finally gave up and sent him home.

    I use Tritronics Bark Limiter.

    I noticed a few days ago that Tritronics has a new bark collar that will automatically increase the intensity level if the barking doesn't stop. I haven't tried one of the new ones yet.

    I order my stuff from They were on special for $79.
    Wayne Nutt
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    I have both tri tronics and Dogtra bark collars. I had no luck with the tri tronics. I sent back to TT twice and they repaired it at no cost. When it came back,it worked for a short time and quit again. I bought a dogtra ( ys500) and it seemed to work well. Then I bought a small dogtra (ys300) and it has been the best one for me. It is much smaller,rechargeable,and has a green light to show when the battery is fully charged .
    My pick would be the small Dogtra.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wayne Nutt View Post

    I noticed a few days ago that Tritronics has a new bark collar that will automatically increase the intensity level if the barking doesn't stop. I haven't tried one of the new ones yet.
    As a Field Product Specialist for TriTronics I have been testing the new bark limiter for a few weeks with good success. The size is perfect, it is rechargable and mainly it works!!!!!
    When used and strapped on properly, it is extremely effective.
    The pain of regret is much worse than the pain of hard work.

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    I have had 5 tritronics bark limiters. Everyone of them has eventually failed to turn on and off. It's like the button doesn't work right. I have spoken to tritronics and they wanted me to send them in with $60 each and they would analize them and then replace them. BUT, why would I want to pay a second time (2/3rds the cost) for a unit that has the same on/off switch with the same problem? I am very frustrated with tritronics on this one. I bought 3 of the collars initially and then, against my better judgement, I talked my dad into buying 2 more for his dogs that I watch for him during the winter. What an expensive lesson.

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    Dogtra YS500 and yes, it far as teaching the dog not to bark?? its like anything else, consistency is key...
    Joe Overby
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