Headed out this morn despite the -20 temps, working drills right now as there will certainly be no swim by LOL. This is our second attempt at the latter blind drill and im a damn happy guy. Today we spaced the bumpers out more than previous and also stretched the last bumper out a bit more. He is RUNNING now and straight. What a difference now that we are out of the pressure of yard work.


Next we went on to the WW, this is also our second day with 8 bumpers. Snow is pretty deep some bumpers were falling through and hidden. Im heeling him to the left and "here" to the right. The nick/yelp was for him mouthing a bumper a bit longer than i like and ignoring 2 "HERE" command.


I know, I know put the Brit away, well its minus 20 and i aint coming back out LOL, I think he handles distraction very well for 8mths.
Anyone introduce patter blinds in the snow or should i wait a month or so? If so ideas on how?