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Thread: Table scraps ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2tall View Post
    I just now had to go out of the office for a few minutes. I put my salad with broccoli, lettuce, jicama, edamame, olives, mushrooms and WASABI dressing up on a counter. Never occurred to me a dog would eat THAT. Well, my lunch is gone. If they are going to eat that, I think its hopeless to keep table scraps from them
    Well the dog has a well rounded palate , first he eats Prada, and now wasabi, I wonder what wine he prefers LOL
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    As many have mentioned, it is the junk food and processed food that you think a little bit of this won't hurt. Innocent looking stuff that over time causes the pancreas to work overtime in a nonproductive way. Pretty soon the pancreas can not handle the load anymore. Bad carbs, bad fats, processed chemical flavorings are probably the culprit. So bread, burrito, pizza, potato chip, pretzel, those bones with all the flavorings on them are no no's. An occaisional trip to Mc Donald's is not going to do it. It is the everyday piece of bread or pizza crust or cheetos etc. that will eventually kill the pancreas.

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    Agree with Marc & Lainee, our dogs have always gotten table scraps with no ill effects, although greasy stuff like extra fat/turkey skin is divided up and doled out sparingly. I think some dogs just may be more susceptible to digestive upsets from greasy stuff; I have a friend who nearly lost her retriever to pancreatitis they figured out was from eating pig ears. We had a scare with my old girl Puffin last year when she had bloodwork done for minor surgery. She had a really high level of one of the enzymes associated with pancreatitits, to the point the vet even asked if she'd been sick, or had gotten in the garbage recently (she hadn't). We decided to postpone the surgery and when retested later, the level was much closer to normal. Since then we've been very careful of what she eats because even though she's never been sick, she's almost 13 now. The rest, get scraps regularly and in fact we do give Puffin the occasional treat, just watered down and in very small amounts.

    Gotta lotta zoom, very sorry for your loss. From what I hear pancreatitis is bad news and, it's one of those things you just don't think about til your own dog gets stricken. Hard enough to try and do the right things for our animals, so I just can't imagine the pain of losing one because of some clueless moron.
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