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Thread: AKC HT Scenario, Position for Sending on a Blind

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    No, Ken.

    I was running Daisy at the time, so you know how long ago that was! LOL!!! But the guy from Georgia DID judge at LCRC. Hint, hint. I was supposed to judge with him but you guys got buried in entries so they split us up.

    That particular test in NH finished up with a water quad and double water blind. Everyone that passed that weekend earned it!-pAUL
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    Quote Originally Posted by Judy Chute View Post
    .....Hey, Ken....taking that step with B... , "stepping up" on the dog, to give them a push out there like on a long punch bird in a marking situation and it does give them a good push as you say.

    Someone said..."I saw you step up on him"..not too long ago when sending on a mark. My dog was taking just a little longer than usual locating that long memory bird, so when he settled in on the location, .."good", Sebec/step.. I was ok with it but evidently it was not approved of. Whatever..this was in training, if it helps with success and confidence, it works for me. If I had to, I would step up in a trial as well. Knowing that standing still..is important......
    Yes, it is. Funny, as handlers we step to the side all the time. Mike Lardy's "micro-step" as example. Seems a hundred years ago I was told not to "hug" the line. In case I needed to "step up"
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