But this is what bothers me about right wing conservatives--while they are strictly against abortion they don't want to deal with the consequences of that choice. They complain about making birth control more accessible and affordable and then they complain about the burden of the welfare system and not wanting to add to it. There are also many that are against education in school. It seems like they don't care a lick about that child once it is born--end point is that the agenda is met when the baby is born without concern to what environment that may be
I don't think this is so true,, The ultra conservatives I know don't think its their business to interfere with other peoples decisions that they don't even know. I think you mean right wing republicans. Now there are many here that think because I believe this I can't be conservative. That kind of thinking is quite ignorant . many like to use "Thou shall not kill" as their biblical reason for this.
I use the record of the intentional assault on a pregnant woman's womb resulting in a miscarriage and show the fine resulting in that action. Murder was punishable by death not by a fine. So we have our differences. And Jesus was refereed as a"Holy thing" in the womb. Any way that's why I am neutral on the matter.