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Dropping bombs in Germany and the A bomb in Japan changed our military forever. It is now ok for us to bomb civilian sites and civilian casualties are "collateral damage". This is a dangerous and an immoral path our country is going down. I think that sudying the effectiveness of drone use is important too. We hear about them when they kill someone high ranking but what we don't hear is the innocent loss of life caused by them. Should americans be killed by drone strikes anywhere? NO! absolutely not, never. No president should be given the power to take the life of a citizen for any reason. There is no difference whether it is in america or yemen. Al-alwaki was an american citizen who taught that attacks against civilians are wrong, we started spying on him and denying his constitutional rights and he left for the ME and became more Anti-american. Yes suicide bombers attended his meetings and he may have helped with their travel, but his death should have been decided by a court not a president over breakfast. Its an example of our awful foreign policy that creates ten terrorists for every one we kill.

A person has kill 2 people and has a hostage.

S.W.A.T. Sniper's spotter calls team leader and says we have him in our sights. The response is take him.


The President didn't even give the order. Where was the jury of his peers?

Burning down the cabin of the retired police office a couple weeks ago is a classic example. What short memories.