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Thread: A Presidents Day POTUS question.

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    I have no favorite, Ken. Most did something bad that I believe negatively affected the country. Like we say when reading point slips at an HRC ribbon award, "in no particular order"...

    JFK; Vietnam. Bay of Pigs, U-2,

    LBJ; The gulf of Tonkin. Vietnam in general.

    Nixon; Dishonered the office, ie, Watergate. Opened China

    Ford; Pardoned Nixon.

    Carter; Peanuts and Billy beer... Established relations with China.

    Reagan; Trickle down Reaganomics, which still haunts us. Iran-Contra.

    Bush 1; "read my lips".

    Clinton; That cigar thing

    "W" Two failed wars.

    Obama; OMG he's black!

    So, I guess I'm only left to "Like Ike" in the Presidents in my lifetime, and that seems to so many here the time we would like to go back to. But it's not likely to be.

    One cannot reason someone out of something they were not reasoned into. - Jonathan Swift

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    I've have several favorites,
    Thomas Jefferson particularly political philosopher. His vision led the defined the guiding principals of the coun try for the establishment of the nation.

    Harry Truman for his no nonsense, wade into the fray, tell it like it is, attitude.

    Teddy Roosevelt for his conservation efforts.

    John Kennedy for his charismatic style. The Cuban Missle showdown

    Nominees for the worst:

    W by far. He outright lied to invade Iraq. He spent 4200 American lives and an additional 32,000 wounded. 100,000 Iraqi left dead and $3 trillion spent on an adventure that has yet to meet its initial goals to bring democracy and stability to the region. He had balls of marshmallow when it came to standing up to critters like Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and Abramson. He turned a budgetary surplus to an enormous deficit and shredded the economy. He never took charge to stop the country's free fall into a fiscal crisis. He just left it for the next guy.

    Franklin Pierce let the storm clouds of the Civil war take place and managed to antagonize everyone including his own party.

    LBJ--A vain bastard.

    Devil or Angel catogory:
    Dick Nixon. He was a guy whose nature was so dark that you swore he had a sign on his back that said "kick me" . But you could get him to respond to public sentiment. Might take awhile.

    Most Unfairly Maligned category-
    Herbert Hoover-- his fate was cast before he took the oath of office. He later gained redemption with his appointment by Truman to head the Hoover Commission.
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    Worth reading, I thought: Chuck Norris on George Washington

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