1st (piece of the collection) launcher or "winger"
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Thread: 1st (piece of the collection) launcher or "winger"

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    Senior Member shawninthesticks's Avatar
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    Default 1st (piece of the collection) launcher or "winger"

    I about got the Mrs. talked into another toy. If you could only buy 1 at a time which would you pick for the 1st one ? and why?

    If it helps ,I trying to get to the AM level with my current dog and have a pup on the way.

    Not asking about brands ,that decision is already made,just looking to get the most out of my 1st one until the collection grows. Transport isn't a problem either as I train on private ground 99%of the time so I use a quad.
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    Senior Member John Lash's Avatar
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    Zinger Winger field trialer, set up with a servo. Because it could be controlled with the Bumper Boy electronics I already had. (That said I had BBs first.)

    When we use it, it's the flyer station. As you go in to run you reload it.
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    John Lash

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    Faced with a similar situation, I recently bought 2 Bumper Boy 2 shooters. My reasoning was the ability to help a young dog with another bumper if needed (I train alone primarily). I also like the ability to set them together and use them for multiple shot drill/diversion type work, which I feel will probably be my primary use for them.

    I run a lot of stand alone marks, and use ducks for that most of the time.

    With AA aspirations, launchers may not be ideal, as they are hard to see at a distance, BUT winger thrown birds are tough too. Hard to beat a hand tossed mallard from a training buddy!
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    Senior Member JustinS's Avatar
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    first thing I bought was a winger I now have 4 and a 4 shooter bumper boy - for training when there is plenty of light and time I like to use the wingers with ducks more realistic to tests.

    When I get off of work late I am happy I have the bumper boy as it is a quick 2 minute set up and then running marks.

    Depends on your needs
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    Senior Member Steve Shaver's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn White View Post
    If you could only buy 1 at a time which would you pick for the 1st one ? and why/

    Winger hands down because they can throw birds and I dont hunt bumpers and they dont use bumpers in trials either

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    Senior Member Tim Culligan's Avatar
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    With my young dog I recruited a local kid as a bird boy to help on marks as needed. The first launcher I chose was my GU SOG becouse I could launch birds. I now have three SOG's and looking to buy a fourth. Not a big fan of BB and havent been around the thunder launchers to comment on.

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    Senior Member Duckquilizer's Avatar
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    I say bumper boy first. I have both(bb's and Zinger's) and use both regularly. The bb's set up faster for different looks and you get multi-shots(like was said, great for helping in route or trouble). You can always scent the area with a real bird in the landing zones or even place one.
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    Senior Member Wayne Nutt's Avatar
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    My first was a Bumper Boy launcher. I used birdboys on weekends for ducks for a while.
    Wayne Nutt
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    Winger. Dogs want birds. Make friends and then you have bird boys. Ive got two wingers but honestly haven't used them in a year or do due to having training partners. If I train alone I set up my sport stand and throw the marks myself. I just can't make myself go back to them.

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    Senior Member Ken Bora's Avatar
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    down the road you will use a tosser that can throw anything, duck, bumper, friends sandwich, much more often than you with use a bumper fireing launcher. But the launcher is like the vise grips in your glove box. you can do a lot, in a pinch.
    we all end up with some sort of one or two and drift away from them, it seems. I say, for a first buy a tosser that will toss anything, shoot a primer, and have a remote so you fire it from the line is a wise use of the cash.
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