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Thread: Pup will chase but not bring back

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    If you are in the house...Let him go one time and see where he heads to....Next time be at that spot to receive the pup...
    Like Darrin said ...make the pup want to come to you...As some say a high value treat waiting for them is a good enticer...for a trade...
    Lots of petting and verbal praise doesn't hurt either ...We have to lie once in awhile....Steve S

    "My question is…When do I start to do something about this and what do I do? " .....
    As the dog ages , a rope can be used to help the dog find it's way home...Obed work should help clear it up a lot...The main issue is develop that desire to chase and pick something up ...Be patient ..It will all fall in place later...enjoy this time as much as possible ...The problems will come soon enough....
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    I really like it when my pups run after any thing thrown. I want to build the "I gotta have it" attitude in my young pups. You are building prey drive first in my opinion. After they are nuts about GOING then start working on them returning. Running away, clapping hands, and getting down on my knees praising pup when they return and having an extra bumper swinging are a few things I use on getting them to come back. Don't be fast taking bumper from pup. Let them hold the bumper and tell them GOOD DAWGGGGGGG . This has worked for me for a long time.
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    Ok ,so It's a pup! , but shaping behaviours are paramount if the end picture that the handler/trainer is to be achieved(imo)..The ''Autistic Child'' (Pup) ! -Because it is very good at being a pup- doesn't know how to do it right!,but also doesn't know how to do it wrong!
    Here is a 'wee pup', just met for the first time with a trainer.
    So it depends ,like others have said ,how long you want this to develop or change?..It all depends on the individual pup of course ,but someone that can read that individual helps!?
    Has Nobody in the US heard/done/Practised 'TTOUCH'?
    Anyhow, I imagine from the OP's remarks the situation would be similar to the first clip? (correct me if I am wrong?)
    Breaking it down, for the 'Autistic child' whilst shaping the behaviours you are looking for later on, can be done in a matter of minutes not weeks ,especially and more importantly (imo) when they are a pup!
    If this has been of some help to the OP ? then good!,if not?..then I have read the Original Post wrong!(I apologise) It is in no way a suggestion that you should do this with ''All and every dog'' .BTW, The second clip is the ''Training''.

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