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Thread: HELP!!!!!!!! Keep him or find a pet home?

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    Thanks Jay,just curious as I`ve seen this in a couple lines.I will tell you this much,if you keep him in the house with you,a ton of delivery work can be done right from the couch. Jim

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay Dangers View Post
    He has been obedience trained, chased wing clipped pigeons as a puppy and chases birds in the yard. I have a retriever trainer dummy launcher and he knows what that is and gets excited when I bring it out.
    If this is all the preparation this dog got before putting him in hunting situations and expecting him to be a hunting dog, and this is your training program, you have had some REALLY nice dogs to get away with it in the past
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    Jay, where in Wisconsin are you?
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    Personally, I always like a good project dog.... nothing is more satisfying than turning a dog around. It's the journey..... I learn so much more about dog training with a project dog than any other type. I learn a lot about myself as well.

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    I have a special needs dog and was told she would never make a test dog or hunting dog, but only a pet at four months old. With time, paitence, and a solid training program, she clearly has overcome many obstacles and has become a phenominal test and hunting dog. She is timid and at first would become scared when she couldn't see me. Overtime, she learn to trust me and I can now send her anywhere without any fears. What we found while training her, was she didn't know she had a handicap.Using the same training methods used on the rest of our dogs, which is a solid training program, she progressed along with the other dogs, but slower. Except for a few adjustments in the training, she does everything the other dogs do and also makes the same exact mistakes that they do. Unless your in a hurry to get a dog trained, take your time,follow a solid training program step by step, and give your dog lots of love. Yeah, they won't be a stylish dog out there running full speed and making unbelieveable retrieves, but you would be surpised what they can do when given the chance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JusticeDog View Post
    Personally, I always like a good project dog.... nothing is more satisfying than turning a dog around. It's the journey..... I learn so much more about dog training with a project dog than any other type. I learn a lot about myself as well.
    Amen Susan!
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    If you love him keep him and let him know you love him..... If your not that much in love with him.... find a caring home for him. I would probably find a rescue group to help since he is sensitive and sounds like he needs a home which can and will work with his problem. I was advised to "get
    rid" of a dog awhile ago. I knew that if I let some "stranger" take him I would do nothing but worry about him, but that's me. I still have him,
    and I have his 10 week old daughter..... I'm happy I struggled these pass 4-5 years with him..... he can be a pain in the neck.... still..... but he is
    loving and sweet natured. Again, that's my attitude about such things.... you may not have the time or patience for your boy and therefore might
    do better finding him a caring home.
    It is what it is....

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    I've dealt with a several dogs like this. Of the ones that turned out two of them were chessies, one a lab. Some of them can do pretty well IF you are willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and put some sound training into them (and patience) The two chessies both now have passes toward AKC Senior and HRC Seasoned. The lab's owner didn't want to pursue past Junior.

    The question is, how committed are you to this dog? If you are attached to him, it is well worth trying to work him through it, and hopefully he turns out able to perform the way you want him to. If he doesn't work out training-wise, you can get another dog to hunt with and just enjoy having him around. However, if you don't truely enjoy him, it is best for both of you (incuding him) to part ways... Have enough respect for the dog to do what is best for him as well.
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    Does he have prey drive? If he has prey drive you can do a lot to turn him around, the prey drive will compete with the fear-insecurity and usually come out on top. If he doesn't have a strong bird-prey drive, I'd keep him as a pet or find him good pet home. You'll both be happier. I'd do this with any dog without a strong working desire, special care case or not. A dog without a strong bird drive will never make an outstanding hunting dog, you'll just be pushing against a wall in training, which is not fair to either you nor the dog. A friend of mine just went through this with one of his pups (~1yr), who ended up having a bit of gun-shyness, even after all the intro work was done correctly. The dog just didn't have the prey-hunt desire to continue on with work and little disruptions would become issues to be worked through. It becomes exhausting working against nature, and the end result of a maybe average hunting dog is just not worth the struggle, when you could be putting forth less effort and have a superior hunting dog.

    It just sometimes happens, despite Breeding, Training, Circumstances, and Effort that you come across a dog that just isn't cut out for the job. You can push and prod all you want & try to push that dog into that role, but if he doesn't have the internal desire to do the job. He'd be much happier on someones couch, retrieving a ball and you'd be much happier working with a dog that really wants the job.
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    If your dog likes pigeons, capitalize on that and encourage his retrieving drive with birds. Get together with a knowledgable Chessie person in your area and get some training sessions started. Get out the launcher!! Get the dog excited. Tell him he's a good boy when he goes out and gets that bird. You may have to treat your 2 year old like a puppy just starting out, but that's OK. He will catch up. Cultivate and encourage his prey drive and then consistently but gently do some more formalized training. Chessies can be tricky. I know, I have a few.

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