Hurricane Sandy Status???
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Thread: Hurricane Sandy Status???

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    Default Hurricane Sandy Status???

    How is that going?
    I know the MSM lavished praise on Obama, and Christy kissed the emperors ring, so all is well.
    Can anyone tell me how that is working out?
    Or has Obama and Amerika's Pravda moved on?

    Just askin'.............
    Stan b & Elvis

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    Obama doesn't care about Italian Americans.
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    Yeah! Where is Sean Penn and his video crew?Michael Moore and his pathetic reproductions?AlGore and his worthless dribble! Wait! Is this a movie?

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    It is still a mess but nobody cares because the victims are for the most part working class white.
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    Quote Originally Posted by luvmylabs23139 View Post
    It is still a mess but nobody cares because the victims are for the most part working class white.
    What does the American taxpayer owe beyond the insurance they have? They chose to live there? You are only a "victim" if you choose to believe that .

    Marvin S

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    There are still people without electricity on Staten Island and parts of NJ.

    The insurance companies were doing a really good job ... I had a flooded basement, and the insurance adjuster from Met Casualty called me before my electricity was back on! He was staying in a motel here in PA because of the conditions in NJ (we are close to an interstate highway just over the border from NJ). This adjuster was travelling to NJ each day to handle claims there.

    Reconstruction work in NJ is still slow due to the unions not allowing non-union workers to do certain things. The lady that Obama hugged, with the marina, months later was still fighting red tape & nobody in the WH was interested in helping out.

    Christie is still praising Obama and C's approval ratings are high ... if Christie is still R by 2016, I'll be surprised. He publicly stated that he is in agreement with Cuomo on most things; and that includes gun control! At first it sounded like he was "different," but it seems he is just another politician, and a bit left of center at that.
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