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Thread: You might be a neocon if...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mudminnow View Post
    Seriously, is someone who is going to inbreed going to worry first to get the state to sign off on there marriage to their sister?
    I read "God's Little Acre" by Erskine Caldwell when I was 16 - I didn't know that still existed - but then again, it was before I began exchanging with some of the posters on this forum .

    Marvin S

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    Quote Originally Posted by road kill View Post
    So we have a slight difference of opinion.
    That's cool by me.
    I would still shoot ducks with you!!!!
    Thanks, Stan.

    I don't want to feed an ugly dog!

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    From Stossel's website...

    An invitation into the mainstream discussion is a welcome change for liberty lovers across the globe. It should not come as a surprise that many in the establishment are slow to grant libertarians respect. In the past few days, attempts to discredit libertarians have been presented in an undeniably hostile manner. The arguments delivered by the usual mouthpieces for government intervention at home and abroad have been vicious and immature. This has left many in the liberty movement feeling violated and itching to punch back.
    “Hitler did not have to destroy democracy; he merely took advantage of the decay of democracy and at the critical moment obtained the support of many to whom, though they detested Hitler, he yet seemed the only man strong enough to get things done.” F. A. Hayek from his book, "The Road To Serfdom".

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