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Thread: Breeder Brag

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogtrainer4God View Post
    Just heard from Larry, that Delta (AFC Skatch X HRCH Tory MH) won the San Diego Derby today, making the derby list. Two wins out of three trials this spring!

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    My first DL pup as a breeder, awesome to have a pup with as good a guy as Mr Larry.
    Good for you Abby! I hope it is the first of many for you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JusticeDog View Post
    Good for you Abby! I hope it is the first of many for you!
    What Susan said! Good for you!
    Don't bother to just be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.
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    What a great way to spent your weekend. Knowing that one of your babies has done something fantastic!!!
    We'll all be watching for more good news. Keep us informed.
    We are only as good as those that surround us.

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    Thank you all so much for the replies! It is great to be involved in a retriever world where people can not only compete against one another but still be part of the party when another does well (:

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Babcock View Post
    I shot Delta's first flyer about a year ago. Larry had Delta, she was just a little bundle of energy. My pointer locked up on a chukar and I walked in on it. The bird flushed low and I had to ride it out before I could shoot. It landed way out in some alfalfa, both the pointer and Delta were hunting for it, then the pointer found it and pointed the dead bird. Delta came right in, snatched the bird up right from under her nose and ran back to Larry. She was as proud as she could be of that bird. I could tell right then she would be a great dog.
    Now little Lexus will be a great dog also. I think I can talk Larry into letting me shoot a flyer for her before we leave here. We are wintering in the same RV park as Larry and John Hollaway is my next door neighbor. John is looking forward to his pup.
    Loved the story Steve, thanks for sharing it!

    Quote Originally Posted by JusticeDog View Post
    Good for you Abby! I hope it is the first of many for you!
    Quote Originally Posted by Becky Mills View Post
    What Susan said! Good for you!
    Thanks Becky and Susan! Onward ho
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