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Thread: Collar wise dogs, can't count !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Bora View Post
    smart girl
    wanna blow her mind?
    It will cost you an $85 entry and your travel
    You go to a test. You come to the line. You explain to the judges you need an $85 training group. You tell them you are sure she is going to break. You have them tell the workers in the field they must beat her to the bird and that you are going to do your best to stop her. But you may give chase. Now you cannot pound the living snot out of her at a test. But you are allowed to make your not so happy with her attitude known. Smart girl who is with you all the time will be sure to pick up on it. So tests are the one place she runs the show??? There is a way to fix her little red wagon. It will blow her mind.
    instead of blowing $85 if you are part of a club go to an informal hunt test 5 to 20 o/h show up and do the same thing usually only $10 that way plus club costs
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    i just had surgery on both knees. Still trying to do some training. Dog sees the crutches I'm running on and thinks I have a secret weapon to make her sit. The sit drill I was using before surgery seemed to have an effect, however I won't really know till I get her to the next test. until then its gonna be drill drill drill. a couple of yellow bats in the field .....what a great idea.......when she broke at the last test, she came right back when I called her, she only got about 10 feet in a second. i used the 2 collar thing at a training day, however missed the one this week end because of my knees.

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