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Thread: John Kerry

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    Default John Kerry

    Almost as good as Joe Biden.

    John Kerry says Americans 'have a right to be stupid' and tells how he lost his diplomatic passport at age 12 after sneaking out to Soviet-controlled East Berlin in 1950s
    'In America, you have a right to be stupid, if you want to be... and we tolerate that,' Kerry said to a packed Internet cafe in Berlin

    Kerry stopped in Berlin as part of his nine-country trip abroad - his first trip as secretary of state
    He recalled how he learned about the divide in postwar Berlin as a young man living with his American diplomat father

    By Hayley Peterson

    PUBLISHED:00:00 EST, 26 February 2013| UPDATED: 16:17 EST, 26 February 2013
    OK John, maybe you have the right, but there is no reason to abuse that right.

    Moderation John, moderation!
    Stan b & Elvis

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    Look up Stupid in my Funk&Wagnals and there is a picture of John Kerry.
    BTW did You know he served in Viet Nam?

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    Quote Originally Posted by road kill View Post
    Almost as good as Joe Biden.

    OK John, maybe you have the right, but there is no reason to abuse that

    Moderation John, moderation!
    He's been proving it for years...
    Bill Davis

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    And he can't seem to get the right countries when it comes to naming those that share American values.
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